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Hitzinger GmbH

400Hz Ground Power Supplies

Quality, efficiency and reliability have been pillars for the company’s success for the past 66 years. As one of the leading suppliers in the field of individual power supply systems, Hitzinger is recognized worldwide for the production of frequency converters, airport equipment, alternators, gensets and UPS systems.

With over 250 employers, Hitzinger manufactures the vast majority of its components in-house in Linz, Austria which is also a main reason for the high quality standards of the product.

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Company Profile

  • Diesel Driven Ground Power Unit

    With the user-friendly GPUs with ratings from 40 to 180 kVA, the units reduce the total costs of ownership to a minimum, which is Hitzinger’s main target.

    Hitzinger GPUs provide the lowest environmental emission at 1500 rpm, together with the high quality standards to allow the Ground Power Units to operate in extreme ambient conditions.

    • Lowest TCO
    • Up to 50% lower service and maintenance costs
    • Up to 25% lower fuel consumption
    • Extremely low sound level (<71dBA)
    • Highest reliability & availability
    • Lowest applicable emission standards
    • Available with Deutz or Cummins diesel engine
    • Unique ergonical design

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    400Hz Ground Power Supplies
  • Decentralized Rotary Frequency Converters:

    Hitzinger Converters distinguish themselves not only in their superior technical concepts, but also in the absolute reliability and resilience from the extremely robust, wear & maintenance free design of the proven rotary converters.


    • Standard Ratings: 10 – 315 kVA
    • Input frequency: 50 or 60 Hz
    • Converter & switch panel integrated into soundproof / weather proof canopy
    • Highest efficiency
    • Very high reliability & availability
    • Line drop compensation
    • Low harmonic content (< 1.5%


    • Remote Operation monitoring
    • Trailer mounting

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    400Hz Ground Power Supplies
  • Centralized Rotary Frequency Converters

    Hitzinger have proven solutions for fixed rotary 400Hz systems with outputs up to 2500kVA with all the necessary features including:

    • Special 400 Hz distribution panels
    • Line Drop Compensation
    • Failure recorder
    • Data Links for remote monitoring
    • Automatic billing systems

    Decentralized Solid State Frequency Converters “S POWER”

    This unit presents a new standard of ground power generation for aircraft during the flight preparation phase. With its light and small design, one single unit is able to offer a power range of 45 to 180 kVA.

    The Plug&Play system via the POWER Stacks give the end-user an easy and more individual operating experience:

    • Maximum efficiency
    • Optimized voltage quality
    • Highest reliability
    • Best serviceability
    • User friendly controls


    • Fixed ground installation
    • Bridge mounted
    • Towable applications

    400 Hz S POWER Cable Coil

    With the S-POWER cable coil HITZINGER provides a robust heavy duty cable coil for output cable lengths up to 30 meter. A 90 kVA cable coil with one output and a 180 kVA cable coil with two outputs in one canopy are available. With the user friendly touch screen which also can be mounted in a remote panel an easiest and safe operation can be guaranteed during aircraft handling.

    • light and small design
    • innovative touch-technology
    • applications
    • storage capacity of up to 30 m 400 Hz cable
    • maintenance-free energy transfer
    • Overload protection via temperature measurement on the drum body
    • Convenient maintenance and configuration

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    400Hz Ground Power Supplies
  • UPS Systems

    ‘Variations in the supply of power, such as Voltage peaks from the grid and sags or total cut offs, may have serious effects which could lead to production breakdown, data loss and loss of earnings.

    The reliability and quality of the public power supply is sometimes not sufficient for the growing number of consumers. Hitzinger’s Rotary Diesel UPS offers the best in quality and reliability.

    The Hitzinger Dynamic Rotary Diesel UPS, uninterruptable power supplies, system comprises of four major components: diesel engine, generator, kinetic energy storage module and coupling choke.

    The kinetic energy module, generator and coupling choke work together to provide power conditioning and ride through energy for the UPS system, whilst the diesel engine provides the long-term back up for a mains failure.

    These systems provide extremely high availability and reliability in case of mains failure and high efficiency during stand-by operation because of carefully design and individual components selection.

    Mains failure of as a little as a millisecond will cause serious consequences and expensive production outage and subsequent mistake costs in a wide range of industrial, electronical, Airports, computer  centres  and  healthcare  applications.’

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    400Hz Ground Power Supplies

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