Hänsch Warnsysteme GmbH

Airport Optical and Acoustical Warning Systems

The Hänsch Warnsysteme GmbH, a company of the Hänsch Holding Group, is one of the leading companies in the field of developing, producing and distributing optical and acoustical warning systems in Germany and across Europe.

Outside Germany, Hänsch is located in Austria, Spain and France. Furthermore our international distributors and business partners competently take care of the delivery and service of our products in several countries.
In addition to the wide innovative product range the company also offers individual and customer-specific solutions for optical and acoustical warning and signaling systems.

The Hänsch products are used for police vehicles, for fire-fighting vehicles, for ambulances and in customs areas. They are also applied to commercial vehicles, vehicles of road maintenance depots, municipal vehicles, vehicles in the airport area, to heavy goods transports and even to private vehicles.

The Hänsch Holding GmbH companies are well-known development partners and system suppliers of international automotive manufacturers such as Audi, BMW, Daimler, Fiat, Ford, Nissan, Opel, Renault and Volkswagen.

Company Profile

  • DBF 4000 LED

    NEW! The light bar system DBF 4000 is characterized by particularly large viewing angle and high brightness of the high-performance LEDs and innovative lens technology used. Thus, a good visibility for the main beacons and texts on the display is ensured even from large aircraft and from the tower.

    To control the DBF 4000 the digital hand held control “HBE 300 Follow Me” after CANopen Standard 447 is used. The handheld control unit “HBE 300 Follow Me” is particularly simple and user-friendly!

    With individually selectable features, the vehicles are optimally equipped for use at the airport!

  • DBF 2000 LED

    PROVEN! The FOLLOW-ME information and warning system DBF 2000 LED is used at airports worldwide. In German airports it is the market leader regarding visibility, opening angles and intensity. In comparison to LED displays the fibre optics text panel offers multi-color for the texts. The halogen bulbs are easy to maintain.

    The high technical standards and flexible equipment options allow an optimal adjustment to the most diverse of requirements at the airport.

  • Sputnik Compact

    NEW! Thanks to specially selected LEDs of the latest generation and a meticulously calculated lens system, these lamp units used in a variety of applications.

    On the airport a good visibilty is important for smooth traffic and safety for all participants!

    Variety of uses:

    • Reverse warning systems to secure a stationary vehicle to the rear (amber)
    • Direction indicators/blinkers or hazard-warning lights (amber)
    • Rear and brake lights
    • Rear fog lights
    • Lighting (white continuous light)
  • Hänsch Warnsysteme GmbH

    Hänsch stands for technical competence, high quality, reliability, well-founded consulting and premium service.

    Visit us at www.fg-haensch.de


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