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Indicative, Security and High Security Seals Manufacturer

Hoefon Security Seals is a trusted supplier to the airport and airline industry worldwide. We design and manufacture security seals for various applications, such as airline catering, cargo and other safety measures. We also supply cable seals, security bags and security labels. Our innovative tamper-evident designs will make any attempt of tampering clear and visible.  You can view our complete range on the web page security seals for the airport and aviation industry.

Hoefon Security Seals is a leading manufacturer of high security bolt seals and cable seals, as well as a comprehensive range of plastic seals. We supply indicative, security and high security seals. Our high security seals are both ISO 17712:2013 certified and CTPAT compliant, and can be supplied with industry-leading lead times from our production plants in the Netherlands and China.

In addition, we can offer tailor-made solutions for your individual requirements. Are you looking for customized security seals for your specific demands? Hoefon Security Seals is an experienced manufacturer of a wide variety of custom tamper evident seals. Our skilled and creative design team listens carefully to your requirements and translates these into a perfect fit solution. From small changes like a custom colour or length to a completely new product, Hoefon Security Seals is your expert partner.

Outside of the airline and airport industry, we are proud to partner with world leading car manufacturers, transport companies, offshore businesses, petrochemical companies, trailer manufacturers and agricultural organizations. We listen closely to your needs and engineer a solution perfectly fitted for your business. Please feel free to contact us without any obligations. We are happy to listen and explain how we can support you.

Our efficient production process enables us to offer high quality for competitive prices. We design and engineer our products in in Valkenswaard, the Netherlands. This is located in the Brainport Area, known for its leading technology industry. We have a manufacturing plant in Bengbu, China where we manufacture most of our security seals. Additionally, we have a production facility in the Netherlands through which we can supply with the shortest lead times in the industry. We offer high quality for competitive prices  and ship our products worldwide.

Company Profile

  • Airline & Aviation security seals

    Hoefon Security Seals is an expert and trusted supplier for the airline and airport industry. We manufacture security seals for various applications, such as airline catering, cargo and safety measures. We also supply security bags and security labels. Our innovative tamper-evident designs have a proven track record of success- any attempt of tampering will be clear and visible.  We offer tailor-made solutions for your specific demands. In addition, we offer high quality for competitive prices and we ship worldwide.

  • Padlock seals

    Our padlock security seal has a fixed length with a reinforced arch to prevent accidental breaking. This security seal is easy and fast to apply. The seal has an encrypted locking system and any attempt of infringement will lead to clear visible evidence of tampering.

    Hoefon Security Seals can supply plastic seals with your company logo and unique number. These seals are applied to, amongst others, aviation and air catering, catering in general and trolleys. Padlock seals are often used in industries such as aviation, though with our wide range of plastic seals we can cater to any demand.

  • Security Bags

    Our Security Bags are suitably for a wide range of applications, including Duty Free Shopping, cash transport, confidential documents, high value cargo transport or as coin bags. Available both transparent and non-transparent, they come in various sizes and can be customized with logos, barcodes and serial numbers upon request.

    Please get in touch to discuss how we can support you and your business needs.

  • Cable seals

    Hoefon Security Seals specializes in the design and manufacturing of high security Cable seals. We design our cable seals in the Netherlands and produce them in our plant in Bengbu, China. In this way we are able to provide high quality seals for very competitive prices. Hoefon Security Seals supplies various ISO 17712:2013 certified & CTPAT compliant high security seals which are accepted by customs around the world.

    We ship our products worldwide. You can  order standard security seals as well as products with your logo or even completely bespoke security seals. Customized seals can be provided through our Dutch production facility with industry-leading lead times. Please feel free to contact us for more information.


Aluminum Cable Seal 1.5mm

Hoefon 1.5mm Aluminum Cable Seals provide excellent anti-pilferage protection for the transportation industry. These versatile seals can be used for a wide range of applications, such as trolleys and cargo transport. Heat treated cable ends …

Plastic Seal DSR-250

The DSR-250 is a versatile pull-tight plastic seal with metal insert, suitable for a wide range of applications. Available in various colors from stock. Customizable in large quantities within 1 week.

Nylon Seal DSX-300

The DSX-300 Nylon Seal is a strong seal despite its small dimensions. Due to the metal locking mechanism combined with the use of durable nylon, this seal is the perfect solution for a wide range …

Mini Seal

The Mini Seal is a plastic seal that can easily be broken by hand in emergency situations. As a low-strength versatile indicative seal it can be applied on trolleys, medical kits and a variety of …

Ring Seal Fixed-Length Plastic Seal

Easy to apply fixed-length plastic seal. A visual “OK” confirmation is shown when applied correctly. These can be removed by hand and are widely available from stock in various colors.  Customizable in large quantities within 1 …

Sealbag A5

The security bag is a strong envelope / tamper-evident bag for preventing fraud, theft, tampering, or just possible unnecessary discussions with your customer or supplier. Particularly suited for duty-free shopping, our sealbags are available in …

Company News

Security seals market: shorter supply lines and flexibility have become more valuable

For decades the international economy was characterized by supply lines getting more global and more efficient according to the just-in-time philosophy. The COVID 19 pandemic shocked the global supply chain by disrupting production processes, trade …


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