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Our history
In 1998, Honeywell added to the Airport Systems product line by acquiring
Daimler-Benz Aerospace AG’s Airport Systems business.

Combined with an earlier acquisition this included ICAO and FAA-certified airfield and obstruction lighting, control and monitoring systems for runway, taxiway and approach lighting, a visual docking guidance system, advanced surface movement guidance and control systems (A-SMGCS).

Company Profile

  • Airport Lighting Equipment - Obstruction Lights


    Obstruction lights are mostly used in the areas of approach paths and holding patterns in order to warn pilots of obstructions. Depending on the task to be performed and on local conditions, high, medium, and low intensity lights are used.

    The FlashGuard 2000B Medium Intensity White Lighting System combinesa daytime white strobe light and a nighttime white flashing light into a single flashhead.

  • Power Supply ALS (Airport Lighting System)


    This system fulfills ICAO requirements covering the use of systems for monitoring visual landing and guidance aids, to ensure the proper functioning of lighting systems.

    The ALS rack system provides two different types of cabinets, the control and the transformer cabinet.
    The control cabinet comprises 19-inch (483 mm) plug-in units such as CCR, lamp failure indicator, insulation tester, sequence flash light controller and generic control units. All modules are designed as plug-in units – that is, the electrical connection to the control section circuits takes place via fixed plugs, on insertion of the modules. A separate power supply to each of the control sections simplifies maintenance work on the individual lighting systems. The component arrangement of the control cabinet, depending on functional requirements, provides throughputs up to 130 kVA per cabinet. Each control cabinet provides a power supply via a 3 phase main switch. Thus, each control cabinet can be separately isolated for maintenance purposes. The transformer cabinet comprises the transformer modules.

  • VDGS (Visual Docking Guidance System)


    The computer-assisted Honeywell Visual Docking Guidance System guides the aircraft along the airfield apron to its final docking position.

    It provides precise information on the aircraft’s location and recognizes its outline at a distance of 100 meters using a dynamic range video sensor and a powerful 3-D-model-based image processing system.

    * Reliable aircraft recognition independent of its position and orientation
    * Parallax-free display informing pilot and co-pilot
    * Passive video sensor system
    * Sensor installation independent of the lead-in line, even possible in lateral position
    * Easy integration into facade of the terminal building or in pole mounting
    * Utilization of display also for information to the ground handling staff
    * Video monitoring of docking areas also usable for monitoring and recording


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