HTS tentiQ

Temporary and Semi-Permanent Airport Terminal Buildings and Aircraft Hangars

HTS tentiQ is a global award winning specialist in the design, manufacture and supply of semi-permanent airport terminals, buildings and hangars and temporary structures for civil and military aviation.  Our product range includes airport terminal buildings, airplane hangars, logistics centres, warehouses and storage buildings.

With an extensive design and manufacturing centre in Germany we can manage almost any requirement, from standard ‘off-the-shelf’ buildings to fully customised and fitted out airport terminals complete with: baggage handling systems, screening surveillance, FIDS, counters, PA systems, furniture and much more.

If you choose a semi-permanent or temporary airport building from us you will benefit from a design and production process that originates from one of Europe’s largest and most technically advanced factories.

This facility enables us to produce the huge range of top-quality structures in-house; meaning all customers benefit from optimum service levels, short lead-times, stringent quality control, competitive pricing and products that are designed and built to the very highest standards.

For HTS tentiQ, technology and innovation are key to the company’s ongoing success and growth. Continual investment in the production processes and the high-tech, 64,000m² manufacturing facility based in the region of Kefenrod, Germany, keeps this steady development on an upwards and sustainable path.

Our airport buildings are easily installed onto most existing site surfaces. Because of this they are quick and easy to build, dismantle, relocate or remove.   This gives you maximum flexibility to react quickly to changing circumstances, especially emergency situations after fire damage or when a sudden peak in demand means existing facilities cannot cope with the volume of passengers.

Our airport buildings can be used for most airport applications, either on a temporary or permanent basis.

Company Profile

  • Reasons to choose HTS tentiQ for your airport building project

    • A renowned and leading global manufacturer of temporary and semi-permanent structures
    • A vast range of over 600 different systems for multiple industries and applications
    • A 64,000m² production facility that is one of the most technically advanced in Europe
    • Components are CNC machined and hand finished guaranteeing the best quality finish every time
    • Customised projects are managed by a dedicated and skilled technical team of CAD and CAM designers and engineers.
    • European standards means a fully certified structure that is professionally engineered to the highest quality
    • A global sales team that is technically trained and strategically located to ensure local support and knowledge
    • Short lead-times are always achievable regardless of the project size
    • Customers benefit from competitive pricing across all product lines
    • After 40 years in the industry, Heinz Röder, launched the company 2001 which now employs a workforce of over 200 people, many having been employed since its inception
    • A workforce of skilled and trained professionals who are encouraged to gain new skills and professional development
    • Trust and peace of mind from dealing with a global, established and recognised brand

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  • Airport Buildings

    Airport buildings from HTS tentiQ are provided as a standard ‘off-the-shelf’ product or, more commonly, as a fully customised build and fully fitted out facility. Airport buildings are engineered with an industrial grade aluminium frame that offers a unique combination of lightweight qualities, strength and durability. Buildings can be designed and manufactured up to 60m wide and up to any length meaning facilities can be created up to and beyond 10,000 sq m.

    HTS tentiQ always designs buildings as site specific so they will be suitable for the climate, terrain, environment, access and general project objectives.

    Airport buildings from HTS tentiQ are suitable just about any aviation requirement on a short or long term basis, including: terminals, arrival and departure halls, baggage handling areas, logistics centres, airplane hangars and warehouses.

  • Airport Terminal Buildings

    Airport terminals and buildings from HTS tentiQ are designed and built to match individual site and project requirements. Site specifications, existing facilities, passenger numbers, site access and general logistics are all aspects that are taken into account before designing a terminal.

    Airport terminal buildings are provided fully insulated and can feature single or multi-peaked roofing systems to create a modern, unique finish.

    We are not limited by expertise or resources and can pretty much supply any size needed.   The most recent airport terminal project we managed involved the design and supply of a terminal, 250m long and covering 10,000 sq m.

    Complete project management is our speciality and all airport terminals from HTS tentiQ are supplied fully fitted out and operational.

  • Airplane Hangars

    Our capability to create larger structures comes into its own with Airplane and Aircraft Hangars given the scale required to accommodate aircraft.

    With our own design and manufacturing centre in Germany this ability to design and manufacture large or bespoke structures is routine practise.   The design engineering stage is crucial to ensure the structural integrity, especially height, is achieved for the hangar along with any other site specific requirements.

    This level of customisation is only achievable from an established and experienced manufacturer such as HTS tentiQ who leads the field with advanced technology, expertise and innovation.

  • Warehouse Buildings and Logistics Centres

    Any requirement for cargo aviation, air freight, warehousing, distribution centres or just general storage can be easily met by HTS tentiQ.  A regular warehouse or storage building for small requirements can be supplied and installed as an ‘off-the-shelf’ product and usually installed within a week. Larger customised projects will go through the project design and engineering processes before manufacture, shipping and installation.

    HTS tentiQ are a global company with a vast team of technical and operational experts spread across countries and continents, ready to skilfully manage and fulfil projects in any corner of the world.


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