HUB Parking Technology

Airport Car Park Revenue Solutions

HUB Parking Technology is the FAAC Group Business Unit that develops, manufactures, installs, and provides after-sales services for HUB Parking Access and Revenue Control Systems.

Over the years the company has constantly innovated to develop state-of-the-art systems that make parking efficient for users as well as profitable and easy to manage for operators.

HUB Parking Technology aims to meet every market expectation by offering a wide range of solutions from one of our three Parking Systems Brands. With products developed around the world, bringing together knowledge from each market, HUB equipment is robust, reliable and designed for long term performance. HUB’s local experts can figure and tailor your installation to satisfy all your requirements in a cost efficient way.

No matter if departing from a small or large airport, finding a parking space to park your car can be a major challenge. Booking your parking space in advance throughout online reservations speeds up the entry processing time. Variable message signs and parking guidance systems are navigating parkers into the right direction whereas bay monitoring is directing the parker to the free slot identified with green lamps.

Even easier and more convenient is Valet Parking – drive in and drop your keys. Why bother about cruising through the car park and search for a spot – park pleasantly before heading off into happy and relaxing holidays.

At airports, parking is a large revenue generator after landing fees. Getting it right is therefore critical to the user’s experience. HUB Parking Technology is offering a wide range of flexible solutions to suit customer’s requirements. With long-term experiences in the airport sector HUB Parking Technology is capable of providing turn-key solutions with the highest scalability for your parking infrastructure and supplies all necessary details to increase your parking facilities’ revenues.

Company Profile

  • JMS - Janus Management System

    JMS Janus Management System is an intuitive and user-friendly software solution which allows you to manage multiple parking locations and different types of HUB equipment (branded ZEAG, DATAPARK and FAAC) with just one tool. It is highly scalable and perfectly adaptable to any type of installation, from the smallest to the most complex projects with high traffic levels. With JMS you can easily manage and control centrally all your HUB equipment and systems with one simple and versatile software solution from a web-based console.

    JMS also offers the possibility to enhance, inform and improve your business performance through a customized digital signage solution. JMS runs on several Operating Systems such as Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS, Android. The JMS software architecture offers a reliable multi-tenancy structure, to grant safe and secure availability as well as the ownership of the data.

    Ideal solution for Multilingual environments. The Database fully supports Unicode and R2L languages. JMS adapts perfectly both to small and major installations: JMS’ structure can be scaled both horizontally (adding more servers) and vertically (adding more server power). The system is designed with a robust architecture and supports redundancy, thus ensuring high reliability.

    JMS is the ideal solution for central control rooms with heavy load of data: the perfect and flexible tool for managing complex multi parking environments.

  • JunglePass

    JunglePass allows users to easily, smoothly and securely pre-book, find, enter, pay and exit a designated parking facility by simply using a smartphone. Available for Android and iOS, JunglePass allows to pre-book, find, enter, pay and exit a designated parking facility via your smartphone!

    JunglePass allows you to quickly and securely pay for your parking through your smartphone via secured transactions compliant with the highest PCI security standards.

    Forget about paper tickets. Thanks to JunglePass and the beacon technology, customers can now enter, pay and exit a parking lot using their smartphones. The digital tickets will be stored in the app and can be later reviewed.

    The geo location features embedded in JunglePass allow you to find a parking lot, get driving directions to it and also discover what’s nearby thanks to the beacon technology. JunglePass gives you complete directions from your location to the car park. Finding parking has never been so easy.

  • ZEAG

    ZEAG equipment is our high-end offering for off-street parking systems: it provides multiple solutions ranging from a simple carpark with one entry station and exit station, each with a barrier and a standard pay station to complex systems incorporating contract parking, credit card in/out parking, pre-paid parking online, license plate recognition or a combination of these. ZEAG provides optimum control and management of your parking space with contemporary design, clever software and high user-friendliness

    One of the key benefits of ZEAG products, is their upgrade capability; the system has a modular structure and can be configured and extended to suit your needs. Continuous upgrades ensure the equipment is kept up to date with ever changing technologies, such as Chip&PIN and Wave&Pay.


    DATAPARK offers a vast range of field-proven and efficient equipment and software packages ready to suit any parking operator requirements.

    All aspects of the product can be adapted or custom designed to meet the requirements and specifications of any project.
    The system is capable of processing any payment or access control media available in the market today.

    Providing custom or special features is where DATAPARK solutions excel. External interfaces to third party validation and reservation systems, web validation programs, prepayment programs in combination with mobile payment devices and a wide variety of lane and payment equipment options ensure optimum operation and efficiency of parking facilites of any size. Modular equipment design provides one of the lowest costs of ownership in the industry.

    The new DATAPARK product design is based on simplicity, usability and consistency in order to offer the best possible parking experience.

  • FAAC

    The new ParQube is the advanced FAAC system which provides simplicity for users and installers whilst maintaining the reliability and precision required by parking managers. Innovative and modern in concept, ParQube is designed to provide stations that are robust, ergonomic and easy to operate by the user.

    Structured for inexpensive use and low running costs, the system is based on simple, yet advanced mechanics and highly reliable electronic components.

    ParQube has been created focusing on Design and Users’ Experience, to offer a unique and ergonomic design, together with state-of-the-art technological components, such as two-dimensional matrix barcode tickets. In addition, ParQube also offers a high level of versatility and flexible customization possibilities for our customers.


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