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Airport Capacity Planning & Passenger Terminal Flow Simulations

After having spent many years helping to optimise baggage handling systems (BHS) for airports such as Athens International Airport and Paris CDG 2E and 2F, Hub Performance has developed an easy-to-use passenger terminal simulator, PAX2SIM, for sizing terminals and optimising operations.

PAX2SIM is a data-driven passenger-terminal simulation solution, which sizes airports on passengers and generates trends. Hub Performance’s main aim is to provide logistical decision support, airport operations simulation and optimisation, baggage handling systems simulation, and scheduling optimisation planning.

Company Profile

  • Passenger Terminal Flow Simulation & Optimisation

    The PAX2SIM passenger terminal simulator is a data-driven solution developed to provide passenger flow simulation and optimisation, and simulate waiting times in the terminal. PAX2SIM is used to provide passenger flow analysis and generate trends. A schedule of passenger arrivals is generated with any passenger characteristics on a given period of time.

    Simulation is a key step in achieving a good transition between existing and new systems, and provides a reliable way of checking alternatives and anticipating problems in order to elaborate the best solution. Furthermore, a good design and operational decision-support simulation tool has to be flexible and easy to use. It has to allow people not trained in simulation to profitably develop and use models by modifying parameters between runs.

  • Airport Capacity Planning

    Evaluate aircraft dwelling times and airport retail forecasts

    The PAX2SIM passenger terminal simulator provides both static and dynamic analysis. From flight plans, it calculates staffing levels for check-in, reclaim belt, security check and other terminal resources, waiting time at each checkpoint, and passenger dwell time. It also provides retail forecasts by evaluating the number of passengers crossing each area and the time they have before boarding.

    Additionally, it is possible, for example, to evaluate the best location for a duty free shop. Airports want passengers to be able to spend time airside, and waiting too long at the check-in or at security inspection would decrease business opportunities and frustrate quality of stay.

  • Airport Security Checkpoint Simulation

    Liquid detection has increased security processing times. How many more security agents does the terminal need? What is the best seasonal planning for the terminal’s resources? PAX2SIM‘s airport security checkpoint simulation provides the answer by changing few parameters and comparing scenarios. It is possible to anticipate demand based on flight schedules, late planes and other changes.

    During infrastructure projects it is important to justify clearly ideas and turn ideas into the right decision. The PAX2SIM passenger terminal simulator provides strategic, tactic and operational airport logistic decision support.

  • Airport Terminal Simulation Reports

    The easy-to-use interface integrates all airport data. Simple simulation reports in 2D/3D are configurable and provide accurate information available for all. Planning and infrastructure managers get an opportunity to answer important questions more quickly. Understandable simulation reports can be shared with managers in order to facilitate decision makers’ work. PAX2SIM technology is integrated in order to facilitate BHS simulation with an AutoMod 3D simulation package from Applied Materials.

    Key Benefits of the Passenger Terminal Simulator

    Major benefits provided by the PAX2SIM passenger terminal simulator include:

    • Airport operations simulation
    • Airport process management
    • Airport security checkpoint simulation
    • Airport tree view
    • Baggage flow forecast
    • Flight schedule integration
    • Passenger peaks
    • Passenger flow analysis
    • Scheduling optimisation planning
    • Resources planning
    • Waiting times optimisation

    Advantages of the system include the fact it is easy to use, there is no programming, it has flow diagrams, it provides static and dynamic analysis, it offers, 2D / 3D statistics and it has allocations visualisation.


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