Hudson Bearings

Air Cargo & Material Handling Ball Transfer Unit Manufacturer

Hudson Bearings manufacturer air cargo ball transfer units. We are an early pioneer in the ball transfer industry, has been a domestic ball transfer manufacturer for over 45 years. Upon moving the production facility to its Columbus, Ohio based state of the art 25,000 facility, Hudson Bearings has been able to add a significant number of machined ball transfers including a new line of air cargo ball transfers.

Additionally, the move has increased our ability to customize products and increased production efficiencies resulting in lower pricing.

Hudson Bearings prides itself on our ability to meet customer needs in a wide array of industries that utilize our products including air cargo.

Proudly Made in the USA Hudson Bearings Air Cargo Products Feature: Our expanded air cargo products include: 

  • Zinc Nickel Coating that offers increased life span and corrosion resistance exceeding traditional zinc
  • Stainless steel inner race to increase load capacity by 100 LB per unit
  • Multiple weep holes to allow additional dirt and debris to escape
  • Hollow main ball to reduce weight by 30%
  • Mounting clips for angled mounting and to increase the stability of each unit
  • Delrin cap for noise and vibration reduction

Company Profile

  • Air Cargo Material Handling

    The omni-directional capabilities of our ball transfers allow heavy loads to be maneuvered with great accuracy and minimal effort.

    We offer several varieties of lightweight aluminum body ball transfer for material handling on-board aircraft as well as an extensive line of stainless steel ball transfers for wet/outdoor environments. We also offer zinc-nickel plating for excellent corrosion resistance.

    For more information, contact one of our experts today at (855) 846-2090, or visit our website

  • The Hudson Bearings Advantage

    • Competitive Pricing
    • Made in the USA Since 1969
    • Dedicated to Quality
    • In-Stock
    • Wide Selection
    • No Minimum Orders
    • Innovative Custom Solutions
    • Domestic Stamping, Turning, Machining and Assembly
    • All Components Plated for Long Life
    • Proprietary Support Cup Design for Extended Wear
  • Leading Domestic Manufacturer of Ball Transfers Since 1969

    Ball transfers solve a variety of material handling and motion control challenges, whether used in the traditional ‘ball up’ position or as a caster in the ‘ball down’ orientation. Ball transfers offer advantages to traditional casters, such as lower profiles and omnidirectional movement, often at a lower cost.

    We are typically able to answer any and all of your ball transfer and material handling questions, whether you are looking for information about load capacity, specific material handling applications, arrangement of ball transfer units or simple maintenance questions. Contact us at 855-846-2090.

  • Hudson Hauler: Simplify Moving Almost Anything

    Simplify moving everything from heavy equipment to shelving units with the Hudson Hauler and the Hudson Super Mover. Their low profile design minimizes required lift while allowing for easy omni-directional movement.


    • 2400 LB or 500 LB load capacity per unit
    • Manufactured in the USA
    • Accommodates leg mounted or flat fixtures
    • Utilizes Hudson Bearing’s™ Heavy Duty Ball Transfers with stainless steel main and support balls
    • Neoprene surface
    • Compact design for ease of portability
    • 4 Heavy duty transfers for greater weight distribution
    • Made from 6061 aluminum
    • Rugged transportation cases and pry bar available


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