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Airport Queue Measurement / Passenger Flow / Airport ID Pass Management

With over 10 years experience in the Aviation industry, we provide airports, airlines and their stakeholders with trusted and proven passenger flow management systems and ID Pass management solutions.

Our proven security, access and measurement solutions are enabling airports to deliver unique and personalised passenger experiences; while increasing operational efficiency, retail conversion and airside/landside security.

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Company Profile

  • Passenger Flow Management Solution With Facial Recognition

    MFlow is the world’s only passenger flow management solution that uses facial recognition to measure and improve the passenger journey.


    Measuring Passenger Flow

    • Accurate queue measurement, capacity measurement and security search demand forecasts.
    • Tracks passengers through airports, timing their progress to identify potential bottlenecks.
    • Reduce queues by ensuring the right staff are in the right place at the right time.

    Facial Recognition

    • Anonymously and passively captures passengers’ facial features as they enter airport and then tracks them through their journey.
    • Ten times the capture rate of device tracking solutions.
    • No third party apps or devices are required; the passenger does not need to switch on any technology.
  • MFlow Dashboard

    • Intelligent operational management tool for managing real-time people flow in the transport environment.
    • Gives instant visibility of how key functions are performing against KPIs and SLAs.
    • Integration hub collects key performance data from airport legacy equipment.


    Take MFlow for a Free Test Flight

    Try MFlow out, in your airport with your passengers, for free*. Our MFlow demonstration kit can be set up in as little as 30 minutes.

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    * Non-UK travel charges apply. Ask for information.

  • Airport ID Pass Application

    MTrust is a revolutionary Airport ID Pass Application vetting and issuance solution, hosted in the Cloud.

    It provides streamlined ID Pass management with absolute certainty of identity and powerful tools to transform your Airport ID Centre performance.

    Less Rejections

    MTrust automatically checks all applications before they’re submitted, reducing rejections by up to 80% and allowing your vetting agents to concentrate on the important things.

    Less Calls

    MTrust gives Authorised Signatories total visibility of application status, allowing your agents to focus on security.

    Authorised Signatories

    MTrust has a thriving community of 2,500 active Authorised Signatories with their employee information ready to submit in your application forms.


  • ID Centre Dashboard

    MTrust gives your whole team a personalised dashboard and inbox, helping everyone to stay ultra-organised.

    • What’s happening, right now – everything you need to know about you ID Centre right now, in an instant
    • Team Bandwidth – switch between your own, a colleague’s, or the whole team’s dashboard for an instant, easy-to-understand view of your ID Centre pipeline
    • Colour coded – graphical status indicators for instantly recognisable application progress states
    • Anywhere, any time – available on your smartphone, tablet or computer for round-the-clock accessibility
    • Fast-Track – ensure your fast-tracked applications are always kept at the top of everyone’s lists


    ID Centre KPI Reporting

    MTrust enables the monitoring and fine tuning of your ID Centre performance. Find out where the bottlenecks are and how your customer service is rating with MTrust’s KPI reports:

    • ID Centre Performance – application cycle times, approval rates and rejection rates per pass type
    • Agent Leaderboard – who has dealt with the most applications, how quickly and to what outcome
    • Reference Verification – numbers of applications verified or rejected by phone, fax, web or email
    • Communications Audit – every message sent by MTrust to users or 3rd party systems is logged for traceability
    • User Audit – every action performed by all users is logged in detail

    For more information about MTrust click here


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