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Premier Supplier of Jet Blast Protection Systems and Airport Acoustic Solutions

As a world-leader in the diverse disciplines of aero-engine testing solutions, IAC Acoustics provides standard and custom facilities for a wide range of civil and military aviation requirements including Jet Blast Protection and Airport Acoustic Solutions.

IAC is among the world’s foremost suppliers of turnkey, automated aero-engine/aircraft test facilities. For 70 years we have been designing and building: multi-engine test cells; hush houses; ground run-up pens, mobile, ‘propeller-on’ and APU test facilities as well as a vast range of jet blast/jet wake barriers. We supply military and commercial aircraft operators, engine manufacturers and overhaul agents internationally.

Choosing IAC ensures cost effective, trusted, engineered engine test, airport noise and jet wake control solutions to suit your needs.

Company Profile

  • Jet Blast Deflectors / Jet Wake Barriers

    IAC Acoustics range of jet blast barriers has been engineered using our acoustic and aerospace pedigree. Over the last 70 years we have developed a range of blast barriers that should cover every possible requirement, but there is always an exception to the rule and this is where IAC really stand out from the competition. Our passion and dedication for designing bespoke barriers is second to none – let us work together with you to develop a solution to fully meet your requirements, be it ultra-high temperature, unique shape or even powered moveable barriers.

    Our jet blast barriers are all safety and performance orientated and are designed to protect infrastructure, personnel and vehicle movements at airports or to enhance operations in maintenance and environment where noise is a major issue.

    IAC barriers are cost-effective, aesthetic, long life solutions that safely deflect and/or diffuse the high velocity wake from aircraft, whether jet, prop or helicopter if taxiing, taking off or carrying out power assurance checks.

  • Ground Run-Up Enclosures

    IAC’s Ground Run-Up Enclosure (GRE) has been developed through an in depth knowledge of aerodynamics and a history of providing full performance test facilities to all the major engine manufacturers.

    Starting from scratch IAC were determined to let nothing divert from achieving the best aerodynamic and acoustic performance combination for our modern state of the art facilities and used high performance computational fluid dynamics software and modelling techniques to iteratively refine the shape and provide the ultimate in GRE performance.

    The end result is a GRE that provides superior acoustic and aerodynamic performance over the widest possible range of ambient conditions providing stable environments for all aircraft whatever the weather.

  • Aero Engine Test Facilities

    IAC Acoustics is a forerunner in the design and manufacture of aero engine testing facilities. IAC test cells have been used to support a wide variety of engines from the worlds leading engine manufacturers. All IAC test cells are modelled in 3D, acoustic mapping and CFD software to ensure aero dynamic, thermal, structural and acoustic performance is guaranteed. This ensures that OEM qualified cross calibration pass off testing is easily attained and that consistent performance results are maintained throughout the life of the facility.

    IAC Acoustics serves military and civil aircraft operators as well as aero-engine manufacturers and maintenance, repair and operations (MROs). Uninstalled engine test facilities are ideal for turbo shaft, turbo jet, turbo fan and turbo prop engine types.

    While multi-engine testing is a common requirement, every aero-engine test cell from IAC is customised to suit a specific client need.

  • Automatic Data Acquisition System

    Over the past decade, IAC has developed and enhanced their Automatic Data Acquisition System (ADAS) to cater for the increasingly demanding needs of our customers in a variety of industries.

    The ADAS product from IAC Acoustics is a state of the art, real-time data acquisition and facility control system, developed to aid overhaul and testing of aero engines.

    A typical ADAS configuration will include standard functionality that satisfies most customers’ needs “straight out of the box”. For extended functionality, IAC Acoustics’ team of specialists are available to provide bespoke solutions to fulfil any requirement including non-standard hardware, interfacing to 3rd party software, stand-alone data analysis and many other mission critical customer requirements.


Jet Blast Deflectors

IAC Aviation has for over 70 years been at the global forefront of jet blast protection solutions, with industry leading engineering design innovation combined with high performance, quality, manufacture and installation.  This facilitates the specification …

Ground Run-up Enclosures

The Ground Run-up Enclosure (GRE) is a combined acoustic and jet blast protection structure that allows aircraft engine testing either for first engine runs after manufacture or post maintenance activities for MRO’s or airlines. The dual …


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