iBross, s.r.o.

Permanent, Mobile, Modular/Prefabricated ATC towers and equipment.

iBross is OEM producer of ATC systems with experiences dated to 1991, when first PC based radar data  display, electronic flight strips and ATC console were supplied to MACC Prague and MACC Bratislava (Czechoslovakia that time) as ALES Košice (that time).

Next 20 years, iBross team participated on projects for Air Traffic Control/Management (both GAT and OAT), Civil-Military Integration and Air Command & Control systems for clients in East European countries, Middle East, and Asia.

Last 10 years, iBross expanded to India and Africa region and became of supplier of leading CNS/ATM suppliers as Jotron, Rohde&Schwarz, with focus for regional airport upgrade supplying ATC systems, Electronics flight progress strips, ATC consoles, Remote ATC towers,  Mobile ATC towers, Modular ATC towers and facilities, Pre-fabricated ATC tower cabins and Airport facilities (terminals, hangars), Special shelters and modifications.

Since beginning, iBross philosophy is a respect to local standards and individual needs of each client, resulting in customized or even unique system for each client and project, perceptibly demonstrable of variety of designs available, as proven fact. Another result of this company philosophy is fact, that many of system features were introduced first time by our company, in example above mentioned  first pc-based radar data  display, electronic flight strips, ATC console, ASM processing, Civil-Military integration, Tactical OAT planning, aging (incl. soviet) radar integration and upgrade.

In partnership with leading European ATC industry OEM partners (VHF/UHF, VCS, AWOS, ATIS), turnkey solutions are provided for airport, drone or radar upgrade, radar networking, video surveillance, remote ATC towers, Airport Control Systems.


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