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“Because a memorable journey begins with a great airport experience”

Whether partnering with Airports or Airlines, IER is committed to create and deliver memorable customer experiences. Thanks to its technical and technological proficiency in airport terminal equipment, IER has gained a deep understanding of the ever-changing demands of the passenger and is focusing on transforming innovative technology into intelligent solutions that will create amazing journeys.

When working with IER, you can rely on the most experienced and qualified team to help you design, develop, test and launch a unique solution for your specific environment with stunning functionalities and features.


  • Dedicated production units with renowned quality and responsiveness
  • Technical and technological proficiency: Innovation & Design, Development, Validation divisions
  • Solution Design Service providing airlines with a detailed deployment design for their specific environment
  • Systems integration allowing turnkey solutions and seamless project management
  • Expertise in leading-edge technologies like biometrics, RFID or NFC
  • Offering tailored services from Project Management leadership and steering with assistance & maintenance services

For Airport & Airline operators willing to take the self-service experience to the next level, IER provides the most relevant offer -from check-in to boarding- based on exclusive hardware, software, and services, helping them reduce costs and increase revenues while enhancing passenger experience.

Our global Maintenance and Support Services’ mission is to ensure that our products and solutions always meet your expectations. Our engineers, project managers and technicians offer worldwide support to answer customers’ queries and solve their problems.

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  • Passenger Check-in & Tagging Solutions

    The story of IER in the printing market dates back 50 years and has laid the foundations of a strong reputation and expertise in the Passenger Processing area. IER’s range of products and solutions includes high performance check-in printers for boarding passes and bag tags.

    All printers are compliant with the IATA standards and propose a full set of functionalities to print different types of documents. Their universal connectivity provides a future-proof design to protect initial investment over time and their enhanced capabilities allow for an extended uptime and reduced service costs through proactive remote monitoring.

  • Product 1 - i420, new compact desk-check-in printer

    IER’s leadership in airport printers has led the foundation of a strong reputation and expertise in the Passenger Processing area with a range of high performance check-in printers for boarding passes and bag tags. The i420 is a new compact desk boarding pass and bag tag printer, especially designed for our CUTE and CUPPS airports as a cost-effective solution for high volume check-in applications. This new printer comes with a 5-year warrantee and full remote management capability.

    • Designed to support high printing volumes for regional and large airports
    • Versatile single feed printer for boarding pass and bag tag
    • IER Connect: a unique software solution for remote management, yielding reduced administration costs
    • User-friendly graphical user interface and paper separation thanks to cutter or tear-off
    • Complete check-in desk installation within 10 minutes
    • Cost-saving solution with accessories and consumables
    • Options: paper roll support and output ATB stacker

    Latest references: Tripoli Airport (Lybia), Biarritz & Périgueux Airports (France), Aktau (Kazakhstan), Baku, Gabala and Ganja Airports (Azerbaidjan)

  • Product 2 - IER 400, multi-functional check-in printer

    The IER 400 is the most sold printer in the world and reveals very popular across handling companies & airlines using it as dedicated proprietary equipment. It is reknown for its robustness, reliability and efficient after-sale service. Designed as a multi-functional, direct thermal printer, for check-in as well as Air Traffic Control operations which can store multiple applications (e.g bag tag and boarding pass).

    Key benefits

    • Great flexibility of use with single feed printer for boarding pass and baggage tag
    • Change paper supply in seconds
    • Automatic printing mode set up
    • Versatile: allows printing of boarding pass and bag tag with 1 single software
    • Remote configuration, troubleshooting and monitoring via web browser
    • IP, USB host and device, and serial interface standard
    • CUPPS and CUSS compliant with all existing platforms
    • RFID baggage tag encoding & reading (option)

    Over 50,000 printers deployed worldwide

  • Self-service and Mobile Check-in

    IER is a leading supplier of complete self-service check-in solutions, with a comprehensive offer including both hardware and software.

    Product 1 – IER 919, Enhanced customer interface, maximum capabilities

    IER 919 kiosk featuring the latest generation CUSS solution with a completely integrated self-service hardware. Its revolutionary design and ergonomics, optimized equipment options and capabilities provide passengers with a full range of services, from check-in, to tagging, and sales of ancillary services to name a few. In addition to its standard functions, the IER 919 is designed to include additional features and is equipped with a full-page passport reader and chip-and-pin EMW or NFC payment. This provides passengers opportunities to upgrade their travel experience like requesting seat upgrades, in-flight snacks, additional baggage allowance…

    Key benefits

    • Intuitive 17” touchscreen for enhanced passenger interaction
    • Multi-support boarding pass (NFC, paper, mobile…)
    • Non-stop printing with up to 2 bag tag printers
    • Full page passport and barcode reader
    • Chip & pin EMV payment, NFC payment
    • Optional Eye-catcher to stand out in the airport environment
    • Multiple configuration options and upgradable for future evolution
    • Common Use compatible (CUSS 1.4)
    • Fully ADA compliant
    • Remote monitoring
    • Biometrics (camera + fingerprint)
    • APC/ABC solution (919E)
  • Product 2 – ALISS, a powerful and user-friendly CUSS check-in application

    ALISS, the IER CUSS kiosk application, has been designed for airlines or airports that do not want to invest in the development of a complex custom application or for airport or ground handling companies looking for a turnkey solution for their local use.

    ALISS provides a solution for both paper and electronic ticketed passengers or groups, giving them the ability to check-in for one or multiple flights and obtain a boarding pass for same day departure, in just a couple of screens.

    Key benefits

    • A turnkey check-in solution for airports and airlines
    • Improves passenger experience at the airport
    • Helps speed-up the check-in process at the kiosk
    • Self-tagging application to avoid counter queues
    • Easy to implement, administer and customize with the airline’s graphic style and business rules
    • Concierge mode allowing agents to perform special transactions onto the kiosk
    • Compatible with most of DCS
    • CUSS standard and US DOT compliant

    Latest references: LATAM Airlines, Azul Brazilian Airlines, Singapore Changi, Cathay Pacific, Air New Zealand, Virgin Australia

  • Automated Bag Drop


    IER i820 retrofit Self Service Bag Drop solution is designed as a 2-step check-in process, allowing to better balance the passenger flow and ensure consistency of the whole self-service check-in experience, throughout all steps: web check-in online, documents verification at the IER self-check-in kiosk, baggage drop off in the dedicated area.

    • Straightforward customer process: scan your boarding pass, drop your baggage, scan the bag tag, collect your receipt
    • Large color screen giving clear, illustrated, instructions and guiding lights for peripherals use
    • Seamless integration in existing check-in counters of existing infrastructure or conveyors
    • Easy customization to convey the customer brand image and guidelines
    • Bag drop module able to switch from “Agent mode” to “Self-Service”
    • Solution interface with all major DCS and BHS systems
    • Allows for future evolutions as facial camera as a contact point in the “Fly to Gate” biometric-enabled solution and any additional equipment required by customer.
  • Access Control, Border Control & Boarding

    IER’s range of boarding control solutions includes boarding gate readers for manned gates as well as fully automated boarding gates solutions.

    Product 1 – IER 602, Flatbed multi-format barcode reader

    The IER 602 is a full 2D barcode & NFC combo reader, designed to enhance the passenger self-service experience. The IER 602 is an advanced, versatile scanner that takes your airport or airline operations to the next generation of passenger processing. By incorporating flatbed multi-format barcode reading with RFID and NFC reading technology into a scanner with a bright active LCD display, IER delivers the ideal product for reading mobile devices and enabling passenger self-scanning.

    Key benefits

    • Advanced detection technology for faster multi-format reading capabilities (mobile, e-ticket, ATB)
    • Upgraded version with increased reading capabilities
    • Large barcode scanning window & very fast reading performance
    • Legacy support for thermal ATB boarding pass with 1D / 2D barcode
    • NFC Peer-to-Peer mode compatibility
    • IP, USB connectivity
    • RFID-HF contactless card reading feature
    • Configuration and diagnostics via web browser
    • AEA 2012 application
    • RFID HF contactless card reading capability

    Over 4,300 readers deployed worldwide

  • Product 2 – IER 710 SlimGate

    For fast, automated and reliable passenger processing at the airport, the IER 710 SlimGate combines high throughput with advanced security thanks to a high density matrix of infra-red beams. The IER 710 SlimGate can be optimized for a variety of airport configurations and used in multiple steps of the passenger journey, ranging from security checks, boarding, immigration and transfers, all within the highest levels of security.

    Key benefits

    • Highest throughput
    • The most reliable detection system applied to airports
    • Innovative combination of high density matrix of infra-red beams, particularly suitable for passenger motion detection
    • A modular product, adapting to the most restricted installation spaces,
    • Double or single swing door versions
    • A total of 64 IR beams electronically controlling each passage and preventing unauthorized users in secured zone
  • Product 3 – Transform your Immigration process with ABCLane

    The ABCLane is an automated immigration control product – developed in partnership with Gemalto and Automatic Systems both leaders in biometrics and access control markets – combining the latest technologies of electronic gate hardware and border control software.

    Key benefits

    • Combining security and speed, cost-efficiency and convenience for border authorities and airports
    • User-friendly experience for travelers
    • Opening the door to secure and seamless passenger processing
    • Single person detection system
    • Multi-camera wall, fast and robust
    • A centrally-administered tool that puts border personnel in control

    Latest references: Paris Charles de Gaulle and Paris Orly, Zurich Airport

  • Product 4 – Fly to Gate, the Biometric airport journey

    Gemalto and IER have designed the ultimate self-service airport experience for travellers with Fly to Gate, a seamless, end-to-end self-service airport experience for travellers. This innovative solution opens a swift and secure biometric pathway through the airport, eliminating the delays and bottlenecks often experienced at check-in, bag drop and border control process.

    • A user-friendly and accelerated passenger journey through the airport, from check-in, to Bag drop, security screening and boarding
    • Waiting times are reduced, leaving more time to passengers to benefit from the airports shopping and leisure facilities
    • Using Biometrics as a single identifier enabling passenger to fly through the airport right to the boarding gate
    • Integrated solution to maximize benefits in airport operations & border management
    • Secure integration to existing airport/airline/immigration systems
    • Best in class and robust hardware components for process automation coupled with solution maintenance
    • State of the art software solutions with fast and reliable verification of travel documents as passports & visas
    • Industry leading biometric capture, biometric matching and document verification software components

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