Quality Airport Seating

IMAT is a leading manufacturer of quality airport seating systems and contemporary design furniture active worldwide since 1974.

About IMAT

Based in the city of Vitoria (northern Spain, close to the French border), IMAT is highly experienced in the processes of production and installation of airport seating systems, counting with numerous references around the globe. A key evidence that proves our international nature is that over 85% of IMAT’s turnover is exported.

European Production Only

All our production processes are subjected to the maximum conscientious respect towards natural environment and to highest quality requirements of the European Union. What is more, IMAT certifies the European origin of the integrity of the materials used.

Attributes such as reliability, durability, precision and ease of operation are part of IMAT’s continuous self-demandingness, in order to ensure the permanent trust of our clients and a differential competitive value.

Our services

IMAT ensures professional and proactive dialogue with the client (specifiers, designers, architects, airport terminal officers…) in order to identify which tasks must be executed. Our services include:

  • Layout Process & Drawing Integration
  • Planning
  • Manufacturing
  • International Logistics
  • Assembly & Installation
  • After-Sales Service

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Company Profile

  • MASTER Airport Seating System

    MASTER is a versatile airport seating system, featuring sturdiness and facilitating at the same time an ordered and visually appealing space planning. This modular system allows creating seating units from two seats up.

    Comfort and high technology merge offering the user a pleasant wait. Produced with state of the art materials and processes, MASTER airport seating fulfils all requirements of a seating system for waiting areas.

    Seat and back cushions are made of self-coloured injected polyurethane. This material avails unlimited colour choices, smooth touch and pleasant repose. Seats are independent featuring steel plate shell and aluminium casting fixing components.

    The angle formed by seat and back is designed to provide a comfortable wait. This airport seating enables a correct weight distribution while seated, allowing users the most favourable corporal position.

  • PLUS+LINE Airport Seating System

    The concept of PLUS+LINE is highly categorical in efficiently meeting two basic requirements: superior level of comfort and high standard image. This airport seating model is appropriate for configurations in separate units or in mass formations delivering in either case a functional, contemporary and fresh look.

    The soft lines of this seating system allow a relaxed wait satisfying the anthropometrical requirements of users of all ages and sizes. Seat and backrest are independent, featuring generous cushioning with rounded edges that grant distribution of body weight.

    Suitable for short and long stay, this airport seating system follows body curves providing lumbar support.

  • RECLINER Airport Seating System

    The RECLINER variant has been designed in order to provide higher level of comfort to the passenger during long stay periods. The reclined backrest and the footrest enable the passenger to have pleasant and restful sleep.

    These seats can be finished in beech wood or, alternatively, in a combination of beech wood and self-coloured polyurethane foaming, with smooth surfaces and ergonomic shapes.

    Just as all our airport seating systems, the RECLINER variant enables versatile configurations which can also include armrests, side tables or central tables of different finishes.

  • WAVE Airport Seating System

    WAVE is a solid and flexible modular airport seating system that provides efficient use of space offering at the same time a wide range of fully integrated configurations.

    This model features clean visual lines and contemporary attractive, durable and comfortable configurations. Polyurethane seat and backrest pads adapt to the natural contours of the human form offering comfort particularly for extended periods.

    WAVE is easy to install, maintain on-site and reconfigure if necessary. The use of components manufactured in aluminium high pressure die casting and self-coloured polyurethane integral foam guarantees constant performance, efficiency and reliability of every configuration.

Company News


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Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport awarded IMAT Mobiliario y Diseño the supply of the seats for its new terminal (Pier 1) in August 2019. At this moment, this pier has 920 seats of the Master Basic …


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