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Indra's airport solutions have been modularly designed using advanced technology to allow for ease of scaling and integration. IT systems solutions are offered through-out all areas of airport operations such as operational management, infrastructure, security, maintenance, environment, corporate and commercial.

Indra Air Traffic Management

Indra is a leading company in the international market in Air Traffic Management and control systems. Indra has been supplying Air Traffic Management systems around the world for more than 30 years, having supplied over 1000 Air Traffic Management installations in over 80 countries.

Company Profile

  • Airport Solutions - overview

    An airport is, in a sense, a small city with a complex combination of underlying processes. Fundamental to the operational success of an airport is the use of an effective Information Technology (IT) system. Indra has developed, tested and refined a suite of airport IT products and solutions that are scalable to meet the requirements of airports of all scopes and sizes.

    With its expertise in terminal IT systems; ramp and airfield, navigation aids and ATC – Indra has over 30 years experience with references in over 90 countries.

    Hosting a unique blend of technological and business acumen, Indra has the skill, capability and proven track record to undertake any airport IT project anywhere in the world.


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