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Ink is more than just an aviation company. We are problem solvers. Partnering with each of our clients, we design the most effective solutions to address their specific challenges, regardless of the size of the operation.

For airports, we assist in unlocking additional capacity within constrained terminal spaces, streamlining processes and upgrading their operations.

We specialise in helping airlines provide an improved seamless passenger travel experience, reduce aircraft fuel consumption and achieve faster flight turnaround.

Our solutions empower ground handlers to coordinate more efficiently and optimise the performance of their staff.

We provide an ecosystem of technologies including mobile apps, self-service units, automated barriers, an industry-connected Cloud and unified Common Use platform.

  • We handle more than 50 million passengers annually.
  • Our systems process over 400,000 flights for over 120 different airlines.
  • Our remote baggage solution processes more than 500,000 bags per year in over 340 hotels across Europe.

Company Profile

  • Self-Service

    Speed up passenger journeys and avoid long queuing times with our intuitive Ink Kiosks, Ink QuickTag units and Ink Arches for bag drop.

    Ink self-service solutions allow agents to tactically manage passenger spikes and provide assistance where it is needed most.

    Our self-service solutions are perfect for the following:

    • Terminals at constrained capacity or lacking in space.
    • Established operations with restricted Capital Expenditure (CapEx) to significantly upgrade their existing infrastructure.
    • Underdeveloped terminals that desire to expand their infrastructure investment and deploy new self-service equipment quickly.
    • Domestic and Regional Terminals.
    • Low-Cost Terminals.
  • Mobile Solutions

    Ink Touch is an innovative mobile solution that totally reshapes the passenger journey. It gives agents the flexibility to perform the following functions on the go:

    • Check-in
    • Bag Drop
    • Document Checks
    • Landside-to-Airside Security
    • Flight Turnaround Management
    • Baggage Reconciliation
    • Backoffice Flight Control
    • Voucher printing

    Ink Aviation is the industry leader in mobile departure control. Ink Touch is a comprehensive mobile DCS that can be integrated with any DCS/PSS that has a Web Service. Increase resiliency in the event that your third-party DCS crashes.Airlines and ground handlers are able to check-in and board passengers anywhere, with functionality that equals and exceeds desktop-based software.Your agents will perform the following functions within seconds on our mobile DCS:

    • Print BCBP boarding passes
    • Print IATA 740 compliant baggage tags
    • Scan passports, ID cards and barcodes
    • Print manifests
    • Interline (IATCI) and point-to-point check-in
    • Board using barcodes

    Using Ink Touch, agents may also effortlessly reseat passengers, collect and submit APIS (US Secure Flight, Australia APP and many more) and do IATCI through check-in.

    Ink Touch is available for download from the App Store for iOS and Play Store for Android.

  • Departure Control

    Ink DCS is an intuitive Departure Control platform that makes staff more productive.

    It is used by airports, airlines and ground handlers all over the world for their mission-critical passenger handing operations on desktops, self-service and mobile devices. The DCS is perfectly suited to any tier of airline or type of airport.

    Deploy Ink DCS across your entire network with commodity connections and save on expensive private circuits. Unlock productivity that allows your operation to reduce the number of desks and the amount of time to process each flight. Boarding is fast, simple and reliable.

    Training for Ink DCS may be completed within one day and new staff can become proficient in as little as 15 minutes of mentored use.

    Our Ink Load Control module safely optimises Centre of Gravity to achieve Ideal Trim with very little interaction by Load Controllers. It delivers Loading Instructions (LIR) and Loadsheets into Electronic Flight Bags and via ACARS.


Ink Touch

Our powerful mobile app allows your airline or airport to mitigate the need for outdated desktop systems and perform core aviation functions remotely from a mobile device.

Ink QuickTag - Biometric Bag Tag

Our intuitive biometric self-service unit provides passengers with quick, reliable self check-in and bag tagging functions that make their experience hassle-free.

Ink Arch - Biometric Bag Drop

Our innovative Ink Arch solution delivers fast, precise bag drop with the use of biometric, video. It’s the perfect retrofit upgrade to existing infrastructure.

Company News

Caribbean Airlines partners with Ink Aviation to debut technology to help safeguard borders

Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, W.I., 29 March, 2021 – Caribbean Airlines is rolling out a health-focused border control solution from Ink Aviation to give governments across its network confidence that air travel can resume safely. Caribbean …


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