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Passenger-centric departure control on mobile, self-service and CUTE

Ink provides technology to airlines, airports and ground handlers to serve their passengers better.

We work with our customers to choose the right mix of new systems that integrate seamlessly with your existing systems to raise the level of customer service. Ink is certified to run on all major CUTE platforms but provides the added benefit of incorporating mobile technology to existing infrastructure.

Ink is the industry leader in mobile departure control. We provide full solutions including mobile apps, an industry-connected cloud platform and hardware that can be leased or purchased. Agents are able to check passengers in inside or outside the airport terminal, opening up a range of innovative workflows that reshape the passenger journey.

Our mobile application enables remote IATA-compliant baggage tag-printing across over 200 hotels.

Our systems work for any size of airport and our ability to deploy into new stations inside 1 week make Ink the go-to solution for rapid startups and network expansions.

Airports can, for the first time, deploy self-service technology across all desks without significant upfront investment to make a step-change to passenger flows. Only Ink can make such a positive difference to capacity at a practical price point.

Ink effectively partners with customers to design the best outcome and implement our technology to achieve the best process. Integration is at the heart of everything we do so we play nice with other systems that may already be in place or supplant legacy systems within our portfolio.

Our customers have trusted us to handle more than 50 million passengers over more than 250,000 mission-critical flights.

Company Profile

  • Ink Touch

    Ink Touch is available for download from the App Store for iOS and the Play Store for Android.

    When coupled with our mobile printers, airlines and ground handlers are able to check-in and board passengers just as they do from desktops. Empower your agents to:

    • Print BCBP boarding passes
    • Print IATA 740-compliant baggage tags
    • Scan passports and ID cards
    • Scan barcodes
    • Print manifests
    • Do point-to-point and Interline (IATCI) check-in
    • Board using barcodes

    Ink Touch includes powerful modules for:

    • Check-in
    • Bag Drop
    • Turnaround Management
    • Doc Check using IATA Timatic
    • Landside-to-Airside Security
    • Backoffice Flight Control
    • Baggage Reconciliation
    • Voucher printing

    Ink Touch runs a full DCS that integrates with any DCS/PSS that has a Web Service (integration project required). Agents can effortlessly reseat passengers, collect and submit APIS (US Secure Flight, Australia APP and many more) and do IATCI through check-in. With integration, transactions are reflected immediately in host applications within seconds.

    Its functionality has to be seen to be believed.

  • Affordable Self Service

    There is no shortage of Self Service Bag Drop and Check-in suppliers. Ink commodities and democratises self-service, making it accessible to:

    • Low Cost Terminals
    • Underdeveloped terminals that lack investment and infrastructure
    • Domestic and Regional Terminals
    • Terminals at capacity or lacking in space
    • Operations that lack the Capital Expenditure (CapEx) to invest in new equipment and expand

    Airports that wish to wholeheartedly embrace self-service for all of its positions should look no further. While competing solutions are priced for only a few positions (25% of positions or less), Ink is practical for terminal-wide deployment.

    Ink Bag Drop, Check-in Kiosk hardware and Kiosk Check-in and Tagging apps help LCC to achieve 95%+ of self service and complement their existing Web Check-in.

  • DCS and Load Control

    Ink DCS is a powerful, user-friendly Departure Control System that is engineered to make staff productive.

    Deploy Ink across your entire network with commodity connections and unlock productivity that allows your operation to reduce the number of desks and the amount of time to process each flight. Boarding is fast, reliable and simple.

    Training is completed within one day and new staff can become productive in as little as 15 minutes of mentored use of the system.

    Ink Load Control safely optimises Centre of Gravity to achieve Ideal Trim with very little interaction by Load Controllers. It delivers Loadsheets into Electronic Flight Bags as well as other more traditional production methods.

    Ink DCS and Ink Load Control run on Ink Cloud, which can be accessed from Windows PCs, laptops, Macs and tablets.

  • Ink Security

    Airports need to control passengers’ airside access. Ink Security runs on handheld devices, desktop PCs with fixed scanners or powers automated gates. It supports the scanning of boarding passes, passports and even selected national IDs before granting airside access.

    Unlike similar solutions, Ink integrates with external systems for validation by the airline or vetting against watchlists. The solution enforces correct billing and reconciliation of airport fees – a problem in many developing countries where the accuracy of billing airlines for all passengers can mean the different between operating at a profit or not.

Company News

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