Optimizing Air Traffic Operations for ATM & UTM

Innov’ATM is an innovative technology company based in Toulouse that offers solutions for air traffic controllers, airports and airlines operations and resources managers. Innov’ATM was created in 2014 and is a subsidiary of Groupe ADP since 2018. Counting on our Air Transport Industry expertise, we help operators with the most effective, efficient, sustainable, shared and agreed decision making technology solutions, through artificial intelligence and machine learning.

From the beginnings, Innov’ATM has been focusing on optimizing air traffic flow and sequences, airport and airlines operations and has developed suites of products adaptable to the specific needs of its clients. As a result of the success of the company’s use of Artificial Intelligence algorithms in ATI, the company was able to diversify its activities with solutions to facilitate the insertion of drones in the airspace in a safe and secure manner by creating a UTM division either for ANSP to regulate the U-space access than for pilots to be supported during the request.

The company strengths are quick prototyping, flexibility and agility. This has enabled the teams to work closely with clients and partners in order to respond to their exact needs and to offer solutions that come as close as possible to solving real operational problems.

As pioneers in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the Air Transport Industry, Innov’ATM participates in research and development activities and programs in order contribute to the development of the industry’s future. Some of the key areas of focus for continuous optimization of air traffic, ground operations and resources include Machine Learning, Cognitive and Artificial Intelligence, Big data, business intelligence and predictive analytics, Internet of aircrafts, Mobile / APIs – APP and Drones and Robots.

Company Profile

  • Optimizing Air Traffic Management System

    Enabling Air Navigation Service Providers to manage the flow of arriving, departing and taxing aircrafts to optimize the use of available Air Traffic Management (ATM) resources, such as runways and airspace. To achieve this goal, SkyKeeper® uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in any runway configuration and multi-airport environments to accommodate and maximize capacity keeping high safety levels.

  • Airport Resources & Disruption Optimization

    Enabling Airport operations managers to reduce operational costs through the optimized use of resources and assets. To achieve this goal AirportKeeper® uses Machine learning algorithms to improve management of disruptions and enhance utilisation of available capacity. Furthermore, it allows to:

    • Improve Situational Awareness
    • Improve predictability, with average queue times cut by approximately 10-15% and anticipate strong capacity reductions
    • Increase passenger satisfaction and dwell time, leading to increased retail revenues
  • Fleet & Ground Operation Optimization

    Enabling Airlines operations managers to reduce operational costs through the optimized use of fleets and assets. To achieve this goal FlyKeeper® uses Machine Learning algorithms to predict all airborne and ground operations, In fact, FlyKeeper allows to monitor the fleet and predict disruption in advance. It also allows to assign resources efficiently to maximize airline profitability, taking into account the many different factors that affect the process.

    The FlyKeeper cloud web portal is available to use on-the-go on multiple devices Real-time monitoring, post-ops analysis and forecast allows to manage adverse conditions and take shared decisions to optimize fleet allocation through an instant messaging system.

    Several AI & ML algorithms have been developed to help network managers (in strategic phase) and fleet operations managers (in real time) to resolve issues linked to strategic optimization or real time flight disruption.

    FlyKeeper helps to perform the optimization on an O&D basis in order to explicitly model passenger flows across the network. Using this approach, capacity is assigned, and revenue is managed according to the same information.

  • Drone Traffic Management

    Enabling Air Navigation Service Providers, Authorities, Airports and Pilots to implement and deploy drone operations in your controlled airspace. To achieve this goal, DroneKeeper® an Integrated and modular solutions allows to manage and differentiate between collaborative and malicious drones in your airspace.

    High-level standard, distribution algorithm and conformity rule engines allow a safe and secure solution to guarantee airspace sharing between drones and regular aviation.



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