Airport High Capacity Separator Plants

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Water is the basis of life and the resource of the future. Everyone needs water, it comes from our natural environment, where it is also returned. That is why it is our duty to keep water clean and reuse it to save resources.

We deliver perfect solutions with a quality of service and products guaranteed by our own manufacturing as well as the best price /performance ratio on the market. That is what makes us stand out on the market. Our customers receive a system with high quality components, long service life, highest operational reliability and lowest operating costs.

As the most innovative producer of waste water cleaning plants, INOWA offers a comprehensive range of systems solutions: from maintenance free separation technology to wash water preparation plants for vehicle wash systems and a wide selection of basin systems and special solutions for different applications and industries. Our plants are ingeniously built, straightforward to maintain and save high costs.

Exactly in the same way that we appreciate our customers, clean water, ecological awareness and economically sustainable structures. We are pleased to present our international references and would look forward to working together successfully with you!


For apron drainage at airports

Airports present a special challenge due to the quantity and sheer size of the separator plants needed. Downtime is out of the question at airports; they have to be operational all the time. That is the most important criterion concerning the choice of modern separator system for draining large surface areas, together with complete reliability, even during inspection, maintenance and cleaning, as well as minimum operating costs.

A special problem is presented by backflow and the increase in water level inside the separator plant. The light liquid already separated in the oil tank must be kept safe and full operational readiness ensured at all times.

To make sure that these requirements can be met, INOWA separators have a self-activating closure system on the integrated oil tank.

Decisive features of a high capacity separator plant:

  • Maintenance-free high capacity separator, completely filter-less without coalescence material
  • Operational readiness without interruption
  • Automatic oil withdrawal into a separate oil tank protected from flooding or rising water levels, and disposal possible during full operation
  • Level supervision in the separate oil tank with data fed to central control room
  • Short construction time with prefabricated parts to ensure continuous operation
  • Modular structure of individual, approved separator components

High capacity separator plants – The special challenge

We offer you two different versions for these special tasks:


Separator modules in high quality stainless steel, for installation in existing or locally built reinforced concrete tanks.

System example: High capacity separator NS 800 l/s




Parallel separator systems in compact construction.

System example: High capacity separator NS 1,440 l/s


References under operation:

  • HALLE-LEIPZIG AIRPORT – capacity of 1,440 l/sec. and capacity of 600 l/sec.
  • INNSBRUCK AIRPORT – capacity of 720 l/sec.
  • DÜSSELDORF AIRPORT – several decentralized installations
  • BERGEN LUFTHAVN FLESLAND – several decentralized installations
  • HAINAN AIRLINE, Haikou / China
  • CHINA EASTERN AIRLINES, Beijing and Xian / China – capacity of 640 l/sec.


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