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IThNK introduces a unique Intelligent Measurement System specifically designed for the SERVICE QUALITY MANAGEMENT, COMPLIANCE MANAGEMENT AND AVIATION markets. It provides a “real time” solution that measures performance across the entire value chain of a service and / or compliance environment.

In a real time environment, Managers and their teams require a tool that goes beyond compliance and service quality measurement but also generates management action and problem solving in order to improve response times ….achieving this, whilst enhancing the customers experience as they travel through the Company’s value chain and or their compliance to specific regulatory bodies.

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  • Airport Performance Management Solutions

    Solution Offering

    iThNk introduces a unique performance management solution specifically designed for the aviation industry. iThNk provides a real-time solution that measures performance across the entire value chain of the operational environment, enabling collaborative decision making across multiple business silos.

    In a real-time, customer push environment that is extremely unforgiving, managers and their teams require a tool that goes beyond manual checklists and compliance measurement, but also generates intelligent actions at the source, allowing for problem solving in order to improve response times whilst enhancing the passengers experience as they travel through the value chain.

    Service level agreements, in our opinion, have become documents designed for comfort which have unfortunately ended up as passive documents defeating the original object that they were intended for…the measurement of service delivery! By using the iThNk solution managers are able to actively manage both the quality of service they are receiving from their internal departments and external service providers. This allows for the speedy resolution of non-performance, resulting in improved service delivery across the entire value chain.

    The aviation industry has many information management systems available on offer. The discerning client demands a software solution that is fast to implement, easily adopted by end users and offers rapid return on investment, which the iThNk solution is able to provide.


  • Real-time approach for your business needs

    iThNk provides a real-time solution that allows the users to collect information on a mobile device while being present in the value chain. The solution then generates a non-performance occurence at source allowing users to respond and assign incidents to the relevant departments or service providers. The users have visibility of the incidents until they are resolved. By managing actions and responsiveness, the solution provides the aviation industry with insight into the dynamic factors that influence its performance. It further provides operations with the ability to adapt with greater speed and flexibility to real-time problems.

    For many, failures that appear within the service delivery chain are merely treated symptomatically without sufficient focus on the cause and effect relationship. This inhibits the design and implementation of robust operational contingencies. If there is a problem in one area, what corrective actions should be taken in another area to ensure effective operation e.g. “Did we pushback on time?”, “How do we improve turnaround processes to ensure we are continually finding ways to do things better?”, “Why do we have to address the same issues over and over?”

    iThNk assists management by providing real-time intelligence to establish predictability within the service delivery chain. iThNk requires action from operations personnel for each and every non-performance discovered, enabling management to establish what works and what does not.


  • Benefits of the iThNk product



    Global management solution

    Real time access to management issues related to ISO, ASQ, performance, operations, service, safety and quality management systems issues across the entire business.

    Proactive management techniques

    A standardised approach to managing the key issues ensures that all management follow global standards and ensure consistent results across the business.

    Incident monitor



    Global, regional, site and management hierarchical view of issues ensures that information on key issues is easily accessible. Streamlines communication processes by making information available to those who need to see it according to their privilege or “need to know”.

    Action audit trail


    All incidents have a category specific action process that is followed to ensure that manager’s work to the correct procedure for each issue presented to them for action.

    Assignment processor


    Automatically assigns issues to relevant personnel/departments, reducing the time to find solutions for issues and automatic notification by Email and SMS of new issues to such personnel/departments.

    Graphing and trend reporting

    Built in graphic reporting tools to view trends and make key decisions based on real costs of issues in the business. Reports can be viewed at various levels in order to identify problem areas long before they would normally be visible.

    Fully configurable administrator area

    Complete flexibility over categories, management processes data structure.

    Integration with other applications

    Ease of use and easily integrates with other applications.

    Global management solution

    Centralised specification of checklists, inspections or audits that standard and automated management requirements, leading to consistently high standards across the business.

    Smart question generation

    The system will ask only the number of relevant questions required thus minimising the time to carry out the audit.

    Automated report and documentation generation

    No need to spend hours writing the reports up. It’s generated instantly and all recommendations are automatically assigned to the relevant personnel/departments.

    Automatic logging

    No need to chase people up on their action lists. They are automatically assigned to the relevant personnel/departments that must follow a configurable, pre-specified process to resolve all outstanding issue.
  • Dynamic Reporting

    The question to be asked is…“How do you improve both service delivery and operational effectiveness within such a dynamic environment?

    In the past, the service delivery chain within an airport had been managed by segmented business silos, which restricted collaborative decision making.

    Through a dynamic reporting system, users are enabled to move beyond a historic view of information and are equipped with a single layer of information across multiple business silos, resulting in a collaborative platform and giving multiple users access to reliable information in order to make informed business decisions.


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