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UV LED Sterilizers

Irtronix/UVNIA is leading the way in UV LED technology since 2000 and is fast-growing leader in UV LED Sterilizer technology, delivering ground-breaking LED/UV LED sterilization products for a better future. UV LED technology our passion; Innovation is our lifeblood. We are constantly working to redefine what’s possible and create opportunities for UV LED sterilizer applications to improve people’s lives in every airport globally. UVNIA introduces Hand-Held and Portable UV LED Sterilizer technology solutions that will give your members a feeling of safety and piece-of-mind in these trying times.


UV LED Sterilizer - Conveyor

UVC LED Technology. Lab tested to break down Covid 19 DNA. 7 second disinfection. Fits seamlessly in day-to-day business transactions. (500x250x220mm; 20x10x9 inches) Weight: 13.2 lbs. 100% customer and employee safe. Has safety door to …


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