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Messaging and Directory Server for Aviation Messaging Systems (AMHS)

Isode messaging servers and directories are at the heart of air traffic service message handling system (AMHS) solutions delivered to aviation authorities worldwide by companies such as Avitech, Comsoft, Intelcan, Radiocom and Telefonica. A large majority of deployed AMHS systems use solutions from Isode partners, based on Isode servers and APIs.

All Isode server products are available for evaluation from the Isode website.

Company Profile

  • AMHS Messaging Servers

    The aviation industry is adopting the AMHS (Air Traffic Services (ATS) Message Handling Services) standard for ground to ground messaging, which includes such items as flight plans, NOTAM and meteorological data. AMHS is gradually replacing systems based on the current AFTN (Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Network) and CIDIN (Common ICAO Data Interchange Network) standards.

    Isode provides the servers used in building an AMHS Infrastructure:

    • M-Switch X.400: An X.400 MTA (Message Transfer Agent) that provides the core message switching services and connects to external systems.
    • M-Store X.400: An X.400 Message Store, for storing messages.

    AMHS is now being deployed around the globe with most adopting countries using solutions from Isode partners, based on Isode servers.

  • ATN Directory for Extended Messaging Services

    The AMHS specifications, maintained by ICAO, define two levels of service provision: basic ATS, which provides functionality equivalent to the old AFTN messaging system, and extended ATS, which provides additional services and functions, including security based on digital signatures, binary attachments and large attachments.

    Isode provides everything needed to build, operate and use an ATN directory:

    M-Vault X.500, Isode’s directory server, is the core component of an ATN directory. It has full compliance to the ICAO specifications for ATN directory products, and supports chaining, replication and security features.

    Sodium: Isode’s secure open data, identity and user manager (Sodium) provides secure GUI management of data, and we also provide tools for operating directory services, and integration with standard network management systems.

  • API integration products for AMHS terminals and applications

    The AMHS service is accessed by users, using AMHS terminals, and applications (such as meteorological applications), in order to exchange ATS messages. Terminals and applications connect to the main infrastructure using X.400 protocols. Isode provides integration products for developers of AMHS terminals and AMHS applications.

    The Isode AMHS API is used to connect AMHS applications to Isode servers using either X.400 P3 (to M-Switch X.400) or X.400 P7 (to M-Store X.400). This multi-protocol approach allows applications to either directly access M-Switch X.400, or to go via M-Store X.400 if message storage is needed.

    The Isode ATN directory API is used to connect AMHS applications to M-Vault X.500. This allows users to look up information such as certificates and AMHS parameters, and supports mappings between AFTN addresses and X.400 addresses.


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