J W Products Ltd

Airport/Aviation Security Seals, Security Bags & Pouches, Security Tapes and Labels

J W Products is a leading supplier of high quality tamper evident Security Seals and associated products.

We are able to offer the widest range of security products from simple pull-tight numbered Security Seals to Electronic Reusable Vehicle Seals including High Security ISO17712 Container Bolt Seals and Cable Seals and Security Labels and Tapes for sealing Aircraft or Van doors.

Recently appointed UK Distributor for the Wesglow range of Security Seals, we also have the UK franchise for AccuTrak Hubodometers.

Company Profile

  • Plastic Pull Tight Security Seals

    Pull tight seals are very versatile, and suitable for a wide range of applications. J W Products supplies an extensive range of tamper evident pull tight seals, available in a wide variety of lengths, to suit most applications. Some designs have the option of a tear-off, this allows the seal to be removed by hand without the need for cutting tools.

    Pull tight seals are available as single piece mouldings, which achieve good levels of security, or can incorporate special inserted locking jaws which achieve a higher level of security.

    Some Pull tight seals have smooth tails making them more user-friendly, especially when applying large numbers of seals. Other seals have a large tag to accept more information such as large bar coded labels, serial numbers, logo etc. Whatever your application we are sure we will have a suitable seal.

  • Non-Residue Security Labels

    • J W Products Non-Residue Security Labels for panel vans, transit vans and vehicles moving “known cargo” in and around airports offer you total peace of mind.
    • Each non-residue Security Label is uniquely numbered to prevent fraudulent replacement and allows each label to be logged.
    • Non-Residue Security Labels will show an obvious ‘VOID’ message if removed but leave no unsightly residue on your vehicles.
    • Designed for use in challenging environments, J W Products Non-Residue Security Labels have been tested to withstand temperatures of -40C and are waterproof.
    • Stock label size is 40mm x 85mm
    • Available in handy rolls of 500 labels.
  • Luggage Security Seals

    Use these seals in place of standard suitcase locks and Customs authorities will cut or break them off if they need to.

    Your luggage will not be damaged but you will know immediately that your cases have been opened.

    These seals are unlikely to prevent a determined thief from stealing from your bags, but the opportunist thief will be deterred because the seals cannot be replaced without showing evidence of tampering.

  • C-TPAT Security Seals

    The following selection of our security seals comply with the US Customs requirements for C-TPAT / ISO 17712. Classified as high security container seals.

    • Alulock Cable Seals – ISO 17712 compliant cable seal comprising an aluminium housing and steel cable, suitable for sealing high value items.
    • Neptuneseal Bolt Seals – The very latest ISO 1771 design of High Security Bolt Seal, ideally suited to securing import/export goods worldwide.
    • Forkseal – A robust seal designed to seal Container Doors, can only be removed by cutting the Fork bar.


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