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Water Jets and Vacuum Recovery for Removal of Rubber from Airport Runways

Osprey Runway Rubber Removal Systems

The concept of combining water jets and vacuum recovery for removal of rubber from airport runways was pioneered by Jetting Systems Managing Director in 1992.

A 17 tonne Ford chassis was delivered to Hong Kong for use by Contractors City Jet and was used nightly for removal of rubber deposits from the runway at Kai Tak. Three machines were supplied by Simon Carling over a four year period.

Since that time a number of manufacturers have evolved from contracting companies but the original equipment in its now highly evolved form remains firmly at the front.

The experience gained from supplying direct both to airport authorities and contractors worldwide has ensured that we have been able to draw valuable input from a wide variety of sources

Today the latest Osprey system provides airport authorities and contractors with a unique, versatile, efficient and controlled method or rubber removal with high achievable production rates over long periods.

Company Profile

  • Lateral Vs Linear

    Why choose when you can have both at no additional cost?

    Today there are two competing designs. The Lateral oscillating head design which has several distinct advantages over the more basic linear system.

    Higher Production Rates.

    The Osprey Lateral system covers a removal path of 2000mm and has a typical rubber removal rate of between 800 and 1200 sq Mt per hour. This slow forward speed ensures that the operator is easily able to maintain a minimal lateral overlap. The CNC control ensures automatically a minimal transverse overlap of no more than 5mm is achieved, thereby ensuring minimal wasted overlap time.

    The Electro Servo motor oscillating feature which ensures such fast and accurate removal of rubber deposits is almost impossible to feel when in the drivers cab. The gradual acceleration and change of direction of the head is imperceptible giving the operator a much more comfortable ride than other lateral systems available.

    The 2000mm removal path results in less passes and less wasted time turning the vehicle around.

    As is normally the case however Airport Operations will allocate smaller blocks for rubber removal applications and so a wider removal width is more appropriate as then less unproductive turns are required.

    When the Osprey is in lateral mode and removing rubber over a 2000mm path half the number of turns are required compared to when it is in linear mode.

    The narrower removal path when in Linear mode does however have advantages where on rare occasions long interrupted runs are available or for line marking applications.

    With the Osprey both lateral and linear options have always been available at the touch of a button.


  • Friction Grooves

    When in lateral mode rubber removal from the bottom of friction grooves is particularly effective as the water jets are directed to the bottom of the groove.

    This is not the case when in linear mode.

  • All lateral machines are not the same.

    We would encourage anyone considering a Lateral machine to look carefully at the readily available videos and images on the internet.

    The Ospreys unique servo system ensures a very smooth operation and does not transmit the lateral forces to the driver’s cabin. Some machines shake violently and must be very uncomfortable to work with.

    The Osprey’s rubber removal robot is mounted on the front of the chassis and does not obscure the lights when stowed. It is ready for operation in seconds and can be raised whilst evacuating the runway.

    The manner in which the Osprey’s Runway Rubber Removal Robot is mounted ensures that it takes only seconds to raise the head and to evacuate the runway.

  • Versatile

    Whilst extensive testing has proven that the lateral method of rubber removal provides superior results and higher production rates there are occasions where a fixed rotating head can prove beneficial.

    With the Osprey you can have this extra versatility at no additional cost. This is a feature not available on the more basic Linear machines.

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