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FAST Travel and RFID Solutions

JG Tech Innovation Pte. Ltd. who provide FAST Travel and RFID Solutions, is a company established in 2018 to formalize the strategic partnership with JG Technology Shenzhen. JG Technology Shenzhen is the leader of aviation paper consumable products in Asia for over twenty (20) years with ten (10) years of RFID research and development, leading to the ownership of over 50 patented articles.

Our mission is to accelerate the airports’ adoption of our environmentally friendly, RFID solution globally.

Company Profile

  • Baggage Tags

    16 “, 19″, 19 3/4″, 21″, 21 1/8″, 21 1/4”, etc.
    Baggage Tag/Label with different size can be customized.

    Thermal composite paper & Thermal synthetic paper are available.
    Category: Ordinary baggage tag, RFID baggage tag, Self-adhesive baggage tag, Manuscript baggage tag, VIP baggage tag, etc.


    1. High production efficiency & low cost with up to 9 columns of printing production line.
    2. Varieties of thermal paper selection. No bisphenol A (a carcinogen) in materials to ensure product quality and staff health.
    3. Properly glue control for different climat to prevent glue from overbriming & insufficient.
    4. Tensile strength up to 10KG. Strictly comply with the IATA standard.

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  • Self-adhesive luggage tags

    With the growing popularity and implementation of FAST travel, we have developed our patented line of Viscose RFID Luggage Tag.

    Easy to use, environmentally friendly and low cost, we at JG seek to further enhance a passenger’s travel experience with our Self-adhesive Viscose RFID Luggage Tags.

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  • Aviation Printers

    Together with our range of self-adhesive tags and normal luggage tags, we have developed JG’s patented Single/Dual Feed RFID thermal printer.

    With the latest cutting-edge technology, we guarantee a 0 paper jam if used with our luggage tags.

    It is compact to save counter space and is fully capable of printing self-adhesive labels.

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  • RFID Solutions

    In the sorting process of airline luggage, the location of the baggage label is uncertain. Due to positions of the luggage tag, a small surface luggage RFID inlay reduces the reading rate during transmission.

    We have developed our patented J092 RFID inlay.

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Thermal Printers

JG’s J801 series of Thermal Printers is one of the world’s smallest thermal printers with a dual feed function, printing both boarding pass and luggage tag. Cost savings by having only 1 printer per check-in …

Normal Luggage Tags / Self-adhesive Luggage Tags

Along with the traditional luggage tags, we have developed and patented JG’s unique line of Viscose Self-adhesive RFID luggage tags. With no liner, easy to use, fast and a patented glue formula, our self-adhesive tags addresses …


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