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Airport Towing Trucks For Material Handling

With headquarters in Hamburg, Jungheinrich, a leading company internationally in the areas of airport towing trucks and warehouse systems and material flow technology, offers various tow tractors in its extensive product range which are already in use at international airports, for example in Vienna.

Jungheinrich tow tractors there ensure among other things that incoming air freight is handled quickly and correctly.

Tow tractors type EZS 570, in continuous use at the Vienna Schwechat airport since 2009, are sturdily built and ready for the most demanding tasks, indoors and out: They feature a chassis made of steel sheet eight millimetres thick and a housing manufactured from an extremely durable plastic.

The chassis skirt is drawn up extra high on the front cover, which not only provides safety for the driver but also represents a visual highlight of this Jungheinrich tow tractor.

Company Profile

  • Airport Towing Trucks - All Together!

    Attaching several trailers together makes it possible to vary the load surfaces of Jungheinrich tow tractors in numerous ways. The vehicle can be equipped with a wide range of couplings, making it easily adaptable to almost any type of trailer.

    The coupling itself can be clearly seen by the driver from any position and is also easily accessible. An optionally available semi-automatic remote unlocking of the coupling allows the operator to hitch and unhitch the trailer without leaving the operator platform.

    This also makes for a faster overall transport process, which is exactly what the traveller at the baggage conveyor wants.

  • Airport Towing Tractors - A Heavy Load!

    The versatile and economical vehicle is able to move trailers with a gross weight of up to seven tons. Jungheinrich also has a “large” tow tractor in its product range.

    The EZS 6250 is even able to transport loads weighing up to 25 tons – especially in outside areas and over long distances.

    And in confined situations, the “smaller” Jungheinrich tow tractors type EZS 130 and 350 can stand their ground with a capacity of three to five tons – even in international airports.

  • Towing Tractors - Not Just Airport!

    Jungheinrich AG is one of the world’s leading companies in the industrial truck, warehousing and material flow technology sectors.

    Since 1953 the company, with its headquarters in Hamburg, has been providing its customers with products and services for a wide range of truck needs.

    As a manufacturing provider of services and solutions for internal logistics, the company provides close support for its customers with a comprehensive product line of stackers, racking systems, services and consulting.

  • Our Sales Network

    Jungheinrich’s direct sales network in Germany consists of 17 regional sales centres and representations. The company has its own sales and service companies in 30 other countries worldwide.

    Throughout Europe alone it has around 100 facilities, from Norway to Turkey and from Finland to Portugal. The company also has a dense dealership network in many other countries such as the Near East, South Africa, India and Australia.

    The company achieved sales of more than 1.9 billion Euros in 2010 with roughly 10,200 employees. Jungheinrich shares are traded on all German stock exchanges.


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