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Self-Boarding and Automated Boarding Pass Control / Border Crossing Solutions

Access Control Solutions for Airports and Airlines

Kaba Gallenschuetz GmbH is one of the leading European suppliers in the field of physical access control and access control solutions for airports. The company develops, manufactures, and distributes tripod barriers, turnstiles, manlocks, and revolving doors. All these products are equipped with intelligent drives suitable for the connection to electronic access control systems. They may be equipped with various interfaces and sophisticated sensor systems, according to the individual security level demanded. Security levels range from mere authorisation of employees or visitors by card or ticket reader or code keyboard to identity verification by means of biometric systems in the door interior.

The physical access control systems by Kaba Gallenschütz are successfully employed in many airports around the world, for example in Frankfurt/Main, Munich, Hamburg, Vienna, Zurich, Amsterdam, Paris, London, Dublin, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo, Helsinki, Prague,  Budapest, Athens, Istanbul, Tel Aviv, Abu Dhabi, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Houston, Las Vegas, and many other large and medium size airports.

Kaba Gallenschütz was originally founded in 1950 and has been developing, producing and distributing physical access systems for more than 30 years now. Since 1990 the company has been a subsidiary of the international Kaba group, one of the leading suppliers in security industry, and as such has access to a large distribution and partner network. The airport solutions are distributed as a vertical segment directly from the manufacturing site by a specialised airport business team.

Company Profile

  • Airport Access Control Solutions by Kaba

    Kaba Gallenschütz has developed a number of airport-specific solutions for the automation of passenger handling. These are continuously improved in close contact with airports and airlines, major system integrators, the leading air traffic organisations, and governmental authorities to meet their demands and official regulations at the best. The major Kaba solutions for airports comprise half-height sensor barriers for self-boarding or automated boarding pass control, one-way corridors for the separation of airside from landside, and manlocks for automated border crossing.

    All these solutions aim at better passenger self-service speeding up passenger processes and increased passenger autonomy. Aside from these airport-specific solutions, Kaba Gallenschütz offers security turnstiles or half-height sensor barriers and gates for staff entries or VIP lounges, revolving doors for public entrances, tripod barriers or half-height turnstiles for visitors’ terraces, half-height swing doors for customs exits, and full-height turnstiles and road barriers for perimeter protection.

    For high-security entries as for example to the control tower, Kaba Gallenschütz provides security revolving doors and full-height manlocks. The latest development is a full-height manlock for the automated detection of hazardous materials.

  • Self-Boarding and Automated Boarding Pass Control

    Kaba Gallenschütz has developed a half-height sensor barrier with a set of swing doors and a sophisticated sensor system for failsafe individualisation, which is equipped with a barcode reader and a camera for face recognition.

    With this the passenger may board either by ticket or even by a mere look into the camera. The unit may be alternatively furnished with other biometric identification means and with a thermal printer for receipts giving information about seat changes or other related facts.

    These gates may also be applied at the entrance to the airside or restricted area for automated boarding pass control.

  • Airside Separation

    For the vital and demanding task of airside separation, Kaba Gallenschütz offers a one-way corridor in modular design.

    Various sensor and detection modules can be applied for the detection of movement into the wrong direction, passenger presence, and left objects.

    The corridors feature two or more sets of doors and come in short or long versions or even in angled design for prevention of objects being thrown through.

  • Automated Border Crossing

    The automation of border crossing is a delicate issue at airports. For this Kaba Gallenschütz has developed gates with a double set of doors for locking function. They feature a document reader for e-passports and a camera for face recognition.

    The passengers’ eligibility for immigration is checked via the passport reader, which provides the data for a match against an external system (e.g. whitelist). The camera will then help verify the passport holders’ identities.

    The immigration units, as all half-height units, require supervision. They are designed to support the staff in routine duties and help the personnel get their hands free for special tasks like caring for children or handicapped passengers.


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