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Airport Detection Technologies

KeTech specialises in Communication, Information and Airport Detection Technologies. As innovators and integrators of engineered solutions, developers of intelligent telecommunications software and suppliers of state-of-the-art detection products we work across a range of vertical markets including transport, industrial, security, public sector and detection.

We believe in forming long term relationships with our customers to ensure a greater understanding of your exact requirements, allowing us to tailor our capabilities to meet your specific needs.

KeTech consistently delivers well considered solutions which offer the best possible combination of performance and value for money. We draw from internal resources to provide our customers with the complete project package – from initial system definition through to design, implementation and maintenance.

KeTech has considerable established experience in the detection and identification of threats including explosives, drugs and chemical warfare agents. We work with Transport Services, Military Establishments, Security Services, Airport and Ports, and KeTech products have been repeatedly proven in the field.

Company Profile

  • Hold Luggage Scanners

    KeScan Nuctech CX Series Hold Luggage Scanners

    The Nuctech CX series is a range of dual energy X-Ray imaging baggage scanners with varying tunnel dimensions. The range comprises of two groups; Carry-On Baggage and Hold Luggage.

    Within the CX Hold Luggage group the X-ray scanners contain TIP (Threat Image Projection), dual view systems, dual tunnels options and advanced image enhancing algorithms.

    • Threat Image Projection (TIP)
    • Dual view and dual tunnel options
    • Tunnel dimensions from 810mm x 615mm (W x H) to 1850mm x 1820mm (W x H)
    • Advanced image enhancement, 32x zoom and up to 50,000 image storage
  • Computed Tomography (CT) X-Ray Scanners

    KeScan Nuctech XT Series CT Scanners

    The Nuctech XT series of inspection systems uses dual energy Computed Tomography (CT) X-Ray to pin point the position of explosives and drugs in baggage.

    The systems also produce high resolution 3D and CT images as well as a Digital Radiography (DR) subsystem that displays at the same time to help identify baggage contents.

    The products included in this series are: XT2080, XT2080AD, XT2080SI and XT2100; each one has different tunnel sizes to accommodate different bag sizes.

    • ECAC approved LEDS Standards 2, type D/D+
    • ECAC approved LEDS Standard 3 type B
    • High resolution 3D, DR and CT images displayed simultaneously
    • High throughput >850 bags per hour
  • Airport Body Scanners

    KeScan Nuctech MW1000AA Body Scanner

    The Nuctech MW1000AA employs safe active millimetre wave imaging and advanced automatic detection algorithms for concealed or hidden objects on the body.

    The MW1000AA can detect non-metal and metal weapons, explosives, drugs and liquids hidden on or within clothing. There are no X-Rays and the image generated is privacy protected.

    With remote operation inspection, a high throughput and no radioactive components the MW1000AA is more advanced than a metal arch detection.

    • Compact footprint of 1.66M2
    • High throughput (400pph)
    • Fast inspection time (<6 seconds) for LAG’s, IED’s, drugs and weapons
    • Millimetre wave technology; no radioactive components
  • Liquid Explosive Detection Systems (LEDS)

    KeScan Nuctech LS1516BA LAGs Screening System

    The Nuctech LS1516BA is a LAGs (Liquid, Aerosol and Gels) screening system that uses the latest advanced dual energy X-Ray Computed Tomography (CT) technology.

    The LS1516BA meets the ECAC Standards for Liquid Explosive Detection Systems (LEDS) and has been shown to return a class-leading False Alarm Rate across all types of containers and packaging.

    The LS1516BA is simple to install, easy to use and fast, offering a cycle time down to <8 seconds.

    • Non-intrusive screening of individual or multiple small containers
    • ECAC approved LEDS Standard 2 type C and Standard 3 type B
    • Dual energy X-Ray CT technology
    • USB and ethernet communication


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