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Airport GSE, Container Pallet Baggage Dollies, ULD Racks, Axles, GPU Chassis

Founded in 1991 in Slovakia, KNOTT spol. s r.o. is part of the KNOTT-Holding GmbH Group. KNOTT primary activity is the production of braked and non-braked axles, overrun brakes for trailers and trailer accessories, industrial brakes for construction and agricultural machines, as well as for fork-lift trucks and special-purpose trucks.

Based on years-long experience in the field of brake and trailer technology, we have expanded our production portfolio onto Airport technology. A significant part of our production is also the manufacture of AIRPORT container and baggage dollies, axles and complete chassis specified for Airport Ground Power Units (GPU).

We deliver steering axles or complete turntable – steerable chassis to major Ground Support Equipment (GSE) manufacturers in Europe.

For over 27 years, KNOTT has grown to a position of market leader in its sector. The Company is regarded as a “tailor-made manufacturer”. Its strategy offers, besides advisory services, also cooperation with the customer as early as in the development stage of a new product, the inseparable part of which is using the in-company accredited testing laboratory with all-European validity. Personal and qualified attitude, consultancy as well as the first-rate quality of products are characteristic for all enterprises within the Group.

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Company Profile

  • GSE - Container / Pallet Dollies

    Airport container / pallet dollies from KNOTT Slovakia represent a robust and confident concept for transportation of ULD containers across your airport grounds. They are characterized by straightforward and simple operation, which guarantees high efficiency of service. In addition, our customization flexibility enables us to offer solutions for many non-standard requirements.

    Dollies were designed as a fully welded construction, made of high-grade steel to cope with rigorous airport operations and thus, often merciless manipulation

    We are able to produce various sizes.

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  • Baggage Dollies

    Airport baggage dollies from KNOTT Slovakia are a highly durable and reliable solution for passenger’s baggage transport in your airport operations. Dollies were designed to easily withstand daily rough handling in the harsh airport environment with minimal maintenance for many years. Even after taking some damage, the trailers are easily repairable thanks to the replaceable sidewalls and both end walls.

    The kinematics of the German-quality turntable steering allows hitching up to 7 trailers together for more efficient operation.

    Their ease of use will ensure efficient and swift operation and thanks to unique customization options, all of your specific requirements can be met.  We are able to produce various sizes.

    Dollies meet all safety regulations and international standards.

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  • ULD Storage Racks

    Our pallet and container storage racks are built strong using heavy duty structural steel and are protected by zinc coat finish or by tough powder coat finish. The racks offer an easy operation, long-lasting reliability and low maintenance cost as well.

    The storage racks are designed to temporary store containers at the airports.

    We can customise the size of these racks to fit your needs. Customisation may include, but not limited to, pallet rack size, adjustable height features, safety walkway plates, and custom colours as well.

  • Axles / Chassis for Ground Power Units

    Knott has designed a complete range of chassis which are fully suitable for Ground Support Unit.

    We are also able to develop specific design to make the products compatible with your current models.

    Technical details and options:

    • Loading capacity up to 8 tons
    • Axle can be sprung or rigid
    • Turntable of Ackermann steering available for both axles
    • A parking brake can be activated by rising the drawbar or by its lowering to the ground
    • The drawbar can be released from the upper position using a convenient foot pedal
    • We can deliver the chassis together with your frame

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