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Airfield Pavement - Fast and Durable Concrete Rehabilitation

Since 1936 KORODUR has been a specialist in the production of mineral hard aggregates for cementitious heavy-duty industrial floors. On international scale, more than 500 million square meters of KORODUR industrial floors have been installed. That is probably the best recommendation, showing that KORODUR has become the epitome of industrial floors.By the end of the 1990’s, KORODUR gained foothold also in the field of decorative screeds.

Another special segment of KORODUR is the development of special dry mortars for the repair of drinking water reservoirs. The special mortars of the product line MICROTOP meet the highest demands to quality in the drinking water domain.

A totally different product line in a totally different branch, KORODUR started in the 1990’s, viz. the production and distribution of bentonite cat litters.

All KORODUR products are produced from selected raw materials, thoroughly processed and subject to regular quality control. For decades already, KORODUR has been a synonym for durable quality, technical competency and reliable customer service.

Since 2012 KORODUR is the licence Partner of CTS Cement (USA) for the European market. With the Rapid Set products based on B-CSA Cement many applications for concrete rehabilitation are possible.

The Rapid Set CONCRETE has a history of more than 30 years in the USA and is mainly used for rehabilitation of infrastructure projects like Airfields, Highways, Bridges and many more.

As the supplier of this special Cement KORODUR provides a solution of fast and durable Concrete rehabilitations everywhere, where short closing times and long life Concrete is needed.

Company Profile

  • Rapid Set Concrete – Airfield Pavement

    Time is money, especially at the airport. Many airports all over the world are using the Rapid Set CONCRETE to rehabilitate the airfields. To interrupt traffic as little as possible whole slabs often are rehabilitated during night closure.

    Rapid Set CONCRETE builds early strength, so that several slabs can be replaced in one night shift and the traffic is opened every morning. With the innovative cement technology Rapid Set provides fast return to service, minimized downtimes and long life – proven on airports all over the world.

  • Technical Key Facts

    In comparison to Portland Cement the Rapid Set Cement does not include Alite. Responsible for the early strength of Rapid Set Cement is the CSA-Phase, which builds up way more early strength in a short amount of time. Therefore structural strength of >20 MPa in 1 hour is possible. This allows returning the pavement back to service as fast as possible and saves money because of short closing times.

    The main phase of Rapid Set Cement is Belite. This phase is included in Portland Cement too, but in a lower content. The Belite builds up strength slowly and continuously and is the main reason for durability of the Rapid Set CONCRETE. Normally 28 days strength is about 60 MPa and still rising! A long term study at an airport in the USA has shown that the structural strength of a Rapid Set CONCRETE slab, which was over 15 years in use on the airfield, has risen about 30 % in comparison to the 28 days strength.

    If Sulfate-Ions penetrate into Concrete, they can react with tricalcium aluminate. If this happens, the Concrete can be destroyed. To protect the Concrete from this, in some applications a Cement with low tricalcium aluminate content is needed. Portland Cement normally includes about 7 – 15 %. Rapid Set Cement does not include tricalcium aluminate at all. Long term tests have shown that a Portland Cement Concrete failed after 2 years of Sulfate attack. On the other hand Rapid Set Concrete has no damage at all after 6 years!

    Drying Shrinkage is huge problem which often causes lot of damage. Shrinkage causes tensile stresses to develop in the concrete, which increases its propensity to crack. There are several reasons for the reduced shrinkage of the Rapid Set Cement. All together providing a dimensional stable pavement, with nearly no shrinkage at all!

    Carbon Footprint:
    The fact that Rapid Set does not need the Alite Phase to build early strength is the main reason why the production has lower carbon emission than Portland Cement. The burning temperature is about 200 °C lower and therefore the emissions are. Another reason is that the production of Rapid Set does not need as much limestone as Portland Cement. If limestone is burned in the kiln, a huge amount of carbon emissions is created due to the calcination process.

  • Easy Application

    The best way to applicate the Rapid Set CONCRETE on infrastructure projects like airfields is under the use of Volumetric Mixtrucks. This method provides an even shorter time window for the concrete to set. If the fresh Concrete is mixed on site it only needs 25-30 minutes of working time for a normal sized slab.

  • Custom-made Concrete

    With using the Rapid Set Cement it is possible to provide Concrete including all benefits above. Local aggregates can be used and with a mix-design which covers all of the project parameters a custom-made Concrete can easily be provided. Under use of admixtures the behaviour like consistency and workability can simply be controlled.

    Rapid Set changes the Game at airports all over the world.

    Take a look on the following Youtube links to get an idea of this innovative rehabilitation system:


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