KOTI Brushes - Technical Brush Solutions

Brush Solutions - cleaning brushes, deflector brush strips for escalators, boarding bridge seals for passengers and antistatic brushes for luggage wrapping machines.

As a manufacturer of technical brushes, KOTI offers brush solutions for every industry. For example: cleaning brushes, deflector brush strips for escalators, boarding bridge seals for passengers and antistatic brushes for luggage wrapping machines.

Production and expertise

With years of experience, KOTI prides themselves in being able to provide you with a solution to your brushing problem. This is achieved by the great diversity of semi-finished products that are carried in stock. As a result KOTI has produced over 1 million different types of brushes, like brush strips for escalators, conveyor belts and boarding bridges.

Custom-made brushes

KOTI also manufactures customized brushes, so whatever your machine type, product or application, KOTI delivers the right brush solution. Our technical staff and computerized machinery guarantee a fast delivery of high quality brush products.

Unique brushes

Here at KOTI ‘custom-made’ doesn’t solely mean to produce a specific composite brush. It also means that it’s possible to create a new technical brush from scratch. Even when your production process calls for a new industrial brush shape, KOTI can be of service. We will design and develop a brush that especially applies to your needs!

If you wish to make an appointment with one of our sales representatives or are looking for a sales office in your country, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Company Profile

  • Brush Strips, Sealing Brushes and Quick Seal Brushes

    Passenger safety

    • Escalators and walkways: covering the gaps between the moving steps and side panels thus preventing passenger entrapment. EN115 or A17 approved
    • Elevators: covering the gaps between the opening doors and wall for extra prevention.

    Baggage / luggage

    • Baggage handling systems: sealing gaps and openings between the conveyor belt and rail system so that baggage does not get stuck.
    • Luggage wrapping machines: using antistatic brush strips for quicker handling of the foil.

    Draught excluder / climate control

    • Revolving doors: sealing the openings between the revolving frames and walls.
    • Passenger boarding bridges: sealing the openings between the tunnel parts.
    • Hangar doors and security shutters: sealing the openings between the doors and ground.

    Other applications

    • Cable management: guiding cables so that they don’t get mixed.
    • Computer server protection: sealing gaps but letting hot air go through (ventilation).
    • Aesthetic finishing: putting the finishing touches on openings in walls.
    • Glass sliding doors or windows: guiding the frames smoothly without the frames scraping on another and making noise.
    • …and many mare!

    Technical data

    • Lengths: From 50 mm to 25 metres
    • Fibre lengths: From 10 to 500 mm
    • Shapes: Curved, angled, straight, anything is possible
    • Designs: From open density for simple covering to extreme compact density for air tight solutions.
  • Terminal Cleaning

    Entrance brush mats

    • For entrances and in revolving doors.
    • High quality: durable and long life span.
    • All dimensions and forms possible.

    Cleaning and hygiene brushes

    • Brush discs for floor cleaning and scrubbing machines (spare parts).
    • Hygiene brushes HACCP approved.
    • Brushes like brooms or toilet brushes available.
    • Roller brushes for special window cleaning systems (spare parts).
    • …and many more!
  • Work Tool Brushes

    Vehicle and aircraft maintenance

    • Special work tool brushes or rotary steel wire brushes for hand power tools.
    • High quality brushes for light and extreme applications.
    • Indispensable tools for every tool box, technical service and maintenance department.
  • Custom Made Brushes

    KOTI specializes in producing customized brushes. We will design and develop a brush that applies specifically to your needs!

    For more information or advice please contact our sales department.


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