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Airport Radiation Detection Solutions, Security Screening & Liquid Threat Detection

Kromek Group plc is a leading developer of airport radiation detection solutions based on high performance sensor materials, primarily cadmium zinc telluride (CZT), for applications within the medical, nuclear and security screening markets.

Our solutions provide high resolution information on material composition and structure to enable the identification of cancerous tissues and hazardous materials (including explosives), and the analysis of radioactive materials.

With our vertically integrated technology offering and IP portfolio of over 247 patents, Kromek provides an end-to-end solution from the growth of CZT crystals to the design, development and manufacturing of finished products, including software, electronics and ASIC’s.

Headquartered in Durham, UK, we have operations in US (California and Pennsylvania) and Germany, and sell internationally through a combination of distributors and direct OEM sales

Company Profile

  • Airport Liquid Threat Detection

    Identifier (Bottle Scanner)™

    Kromek’s Identifier achieves new highest European performance standard  the newly created Standard 3 for Liquid Explosive Detection Systems (LEDS) following recent regulatory trials.

    The Identifier is specifically configured to classify the presence of hazardous liquids (explosives, precursors and component parts), aerosols and gels in sealed containers between 80ml and 2000ml. This classification is against a secure, customer- specified database, which can be easily upgraded as new threats emerge.

    Kromek Identifier reviewed in Passenger Terminal World annual showcase 2015

    • Scans ALL container types
    • ECAC approved Type B standard 3
    • Low false alarm rate (FAR)
    • Deployed and operationally proven
    • Scans partially filled containers
    • Easy to deploy, simple to use
    • Fast operator training time
    • No consumable items, highly reliable

    The system was developed to meet the specific challenges for the aviation security market and ports of entry and exit to identify the presence of hazardous materials within containers. The Identifier can also be used for specific threat screening for facilities, buildings, perimeters and events.

  • Airport 2D Imaging Equipment

    eV3500™ – Linear Imaging Detector and Software

    The eV3500™ is a fully integrated Photon Counting energy discriminating Cadmium Zinc Telluride (CZT) detector with an onboard microcontroller and FPGA allowing true real-time operation.

    The solid-state CZT detector technology provides superior efficiency and energy discrimination capabilities vs conventional Scintillation-based detectors.

    CZT based detectors are rapidly becoming the technology of choice in many of today’s most advanced medical, industrial and security applications.



    • Explosives detection

    Industrial Food Inspection

    • Fat / lean analysis
    • Contaminant inspection
    • Process control


    • Low noise
    • High efficiency
    • 5 Photon energy thresholds independently tunable
    • Solid state detector technology
    • Integrated electronics
    • Non-hygroscopic sensor
    • Real-time imaging
  • Airport 3D Imaging Equipment

    XRA (X-Ray Animation)

    Kromek’s XRA™ Multi View™ imaging platform builds on Kromek’s core strength in producing high quality CdTe and CZT semiconductors which can spectrally resolve images across multiple energy bands. The Multi View™ system is able to produce multiple views of an object as it passes over a set of linear detectors and will introduce true 3D colour imaging with materials recognition to the digital x-ray market for the first time.

    The XRA™ Multi View™ technology discriminates between multi distinct energy bands and the resulting composite image enables greater discrimination of the materials under examination. The system utilises a Kromek proprietary database to cross-reference material composition and has the potential to automatically identify and highlight increased threat recognitions within generated images. Using the images at each detector also enhances the perception of the depth of a scanned object and it can be made to rotate on the operator’s screen, further aiding threat recognition.

    Kromek’s XRA™ Multi View™ imaging platform will retrofit into existing OEM x-ray scanning systems or can be designed for incorporation into new x-ray scanning systems for a variety of different applications.

  • Liquid Threat Detection for Airports

    Liquid explosive detection algorithm for Type C systems

    Kromek LEADER Algorithm
    The Kromek LEADER algorithm (Liquid Explosive Algorithm Delivering Enhanced Recognition) is a non-disruptive background task that utilises existing equipment routines to identify when bottles are presented to the OEM system for screening. It then applies image recognition sub-routines against a set of pre-programmed variables to determine if the liquid is potentially threat or benign.

    System integration
    The algorithm is easily integrated into existing systems and Kromek can assist where necessary in this process. The algorithm is thereafter licenced on a per installation basis or against other mutually acceptable licensing provisions.

    Kromek Background LEDs
    Kromek has a long history of materials identification techniques and enhancements for a number of different market sectors and applications including Liquid Explosive Detection.

    Kromek’s Identifier bottle scanner was accredited in the first round of ECAC testing with a Type B Standard 2. The product has since been the subject of continuous improvement delivering POD and FAR improvements resulting in ECAC Type B Standard 3 certification.

    Within the Kromek Group there is the complete capability to deliver advanced sensor materials through to complete detection solutions.


    • Sub 5% ECAC False Alarm Rate on full Ventress 500 test set
    • >85% Probability Of Detection
    • Improved materials identification capabilities
    • Suitable for use with any dual energy, dual view system
    • Performance enhancing add on for type C systems
    • Multispectral upgrade path for further performance improvements


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