Airport Mobile Firefighting Equipment

Kronenburg established in 1832 as a manufacturer of fire fighting equipment, is dedicated to the design and manufacturing of easy to use and to maintain Airport Crash Tenders since 1950.

Nowadays, the Kronenburg MAC Crash Tender series are made of flame retarding and non-corrosive Plastisol GRP – lightweight, but rugged structures – allowing less maintenance costs, unmatched performances in manoeuvrability and optimized fire-engine performances beyond the ICAO and NFPA requirements.

Together with a large choice of easy accessible fire fighting systems, the famous Kronenburg Bronze Pump and a wide range of extinguishing agents, we believe to offer the best value for money for airport operators. Easy operation combined with the state of the art technology offers a top quality solution and comfortable tool for today’s Fire Fighting and maintenance crew.

Relying on a long tradition of achieving unrivalled reliability, always designing with one eye focused on the latest developments of techniques and materials, Kronenburg does offer what others might promise you:

A fine piece of no-nonsens mobile fire-fighting equipment build to do what it should do during a long, long period.

Worldwide in trouble-free service and, often during a more than a quarter of a century in use, many Kronenburg Crash Tenders started a second life after being refurbished in the new state of the art Kronenburg factory in Wanroij, the Netherlands.

Company Profile

  • Fire Fighting Systems

    The following firefighting systems are being applied by Kronenburg:

    • Water pumps with a capacity from 1.000 up to 10.000 liter/minute
    • Foam Proportioning Systems:

    – Inline Eductor
    – Around the Pump Proportioning
    – Balanced Pressure Proportioning

    • Dry Chemical Powder Systems
    • CO²-systems
    • Monitors and booms with a height up to 30 meters

    In order to ensure operability at all times as well as for environmental reasons the Kronenburg Foam Proportioning and DCP Systems are designed in such a way that system checks can be performed without spilling foam or powder.


  • Dry Chemical Powder System

    The ample experience Kronenburg has acquired in the construction of Dry Chemical Powder installations with various charging systems has resulted into a concept that ensures a very smooth and constant powder output as well as the lowest possible amount of rest powder.

  • Water Pumps and Monitors

    Kronenburg uses different series of firefighting water pumps out of bronze or aluminum, famous for their reliability a longevity.

    Monitors can be selected from several high quality branches.

  • Maintenance & Tailor Made Training Programs

    All Kronenburg vehicles are designed and constructed so as to facilitate access for maintenance to major components such as proportioning systems, engines, drive lines and pumps.

    The company’s “Product Support Service” includes a stand-by staff of engineers available to fly anywhere at short notice to assist end-users. For fire fighters to obtain optimum results in the operation of modern fire fighting appliances a degree of expertise is essential.

    Kronenburg has a team of instructors that can provide appropriate training for fire brigade personnel, at our site or wherever the fire fighting vehicle is to be used.


P.O. Box 7
5446 ZG Wanroij
Molenveld 5
5446 BL Wanroij
  • +31 (0)485 476 290