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Temporary Fire-Rated Hoardings to Screen Refurbishment Works

Kwik-Klik specialises in the supply of fire-rated re-usable hoardings within airports. We offer both ‘supply and fit’ and ‘materials only’ options and you can hire or buy our systems.

We have over ten years’ experience in supplying hoardings for airside and landside projects at Heathrow, Gatwick, Manchester, Dublin and Luton airports.

Our pristine and professional hoardings create a smooth public-facing facade which will channel passengers around work areas during new build, expansion and refurbishment projects.

Our fire-rated indoor hoardings create secure work compounds with digi-lock personnel doors for discrete trade access.

Our modular systems can be rapidly installed by our experienced team in a live airport environment and we often work overnight to minimise disruption.

Our re-usable hoardings can be dismantled and quickly re-located on site during multi-phase products. Our flexible hoardings can go around recesses and be configured to optimise the safety of passengers and trade teams.

We also install secure external site perimeter hoardings. At Dublin Airport we installed 1.5 linear kilometres of heavy-duty hoarding and at RAF Lossiemouth 410 linear metres.

Our temporary hoarding systems are designed to sit on any surface or terrain and we can advise the best hoarding system for the project location.

We will also advise on the optimum location for trade access – including single personnel doors, double-leaf personnel doors, vehicular gates and bespoke options.

In addition to airports, we have vast experience of working under similar constraints within major rail stations, energy plants, hospitals and shopping centres. In each case, we work with site managers and the main contractors to plan and install a professional hoarding to meet the project’s programme.

Our re-usable hoardings are available for short and long term hire and to buy outright. Call us on 01274 525 660 to discuss your options.

For example, we can quote you a price for:

  1. Supply and fit – we deliver and install the hoarding. We also dismantle and collect at the end of the project.
  2. System hire and fit yourself – we deliver to site and your trade team can fit our modular hoardings. We can provide a day’s training in the cost on request. We collect at the end of the contract.
  3. Buy system and fit yourself – we deliver the system to your site. On-site training is optional.

Company Profile

  • Fire-Rated Airside Hoarding at Birmingham Airport

    Kwik-Klik installed 58 linear metres of its new Air-Screen Zero Class 0 fire-rated hoarding at Birmingham Airport.

    The airside hoarding has a Class 0 Surface Spread of Flame rating and requires no drilling into the floor. It creates a clean and professional facade to discretely channel passengers around the work area where refurbishment work is taking place.

    For more details see our Birmingham Airport case study and pdf.

  • Fire-Rated Hoarding at Manchester Airport

    Kwik-Klik installed secure airside and landside temporary hoardings during extensive works at Terminal 1 of Manchester airport. Major works included the installation of new escalators and lifts.

    We used two of our proven hoarding systems to allow passengers safe passage through the airport during the 14-month project.

    For more details see our Manchester Airport case study and pdf.

  • 1.5km Perimeter Hoarding at Dublin Airport

    Kwik-Klik installed a 1.5 linear kilometres of external hoarding to establish a secure perimeter around the construction site of Terminal 2 at Dublin Airport.

    We used a proven system of PVC panels attached to strong scaffold matrix and anchored to large concrete blocks. This system was used for 3 year at Dublin and transported to Salford where it was re-used to protect the site of the ne Granada Studios at Media City.

    For more details see our Dublin Airport case study and pdf.

  • 410m Perimeter Hoarding at RAF Lossiemouth, Scotland

    Kwik-Klik installed a secure 410 linear metre perimeter hoarding for a 2-year project at RAF’s Lossiemouth.

    Wind test were carried out to ensure the hoarding could withstand the coastal winds which affect the base.

    For more details see our RAF Lossiemouth case study.


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