European Company Developing and Manufacturing Ground Support Equipment.

Langa Industrial is a European industrial company created in 1970 and specialized in the design and manufacture of Ground Support Equipment for the main aircraft companies. With more than 32000 products manufactured, we are confident that our solutions are the best choice for your company.

Decades of experience designing and manufacturing GSE make us a successful brand valued worldwide and a reliable company in the challenges faced by our customers in the aeronautical and defence industries. Our strong cooperation with our partners and customers together with our values of developing high quality and durability products, have made Langa Industrial to be present in more than 70 countries, with an extensive representative worldwide networking for the service of our equipment, in addition to our own team of Field Service Engineers.

Our range of products:

  • Tripod jacks
  • Axle jacks
  • Towbars
  • Maintenance platforms
  • Access stairs
  • Recovery equipment
  • Jacking control systems
  • Service carts
  • Jack testers
  • Wheel and Brake Change Dollies

One of our business lines is the exclusive development of tailor-made solutions, where our design and engineering team are in full cooperation with our customers, to develop projects adapted to their needs, offering the highest quality standard and versatility.

Design and engineering:
Langa Industrial is compromised with the investment in research and development, we have our own team of experienced engineers and the use of the latest computer tools in 3D design, motion modelling simulation and structural analysis tools available in the market, allows the continuous improvement of our products to be up to date with customer needs.

Quality and safety are the two key drivers to ensure reliable products to help our customers to improve security, efficiency and reduce cost in their aircraft maintenance operations. Langa Industrial performs tests with up to 50% more strict criterions than the average industry. Our products are certified by the world´s leading certification company, complying with EN ISO 9001:2015 and PECAL/AQAP-2010 standards.

Langa Industrial products are used in most critical maintenance operations of our customers. In order to offer the best experience and value to our customers, our engineer team have been in close cooperation with our partners to ensure the design of our main products are officially homologated and on service in aircraft manufacturers final assembly lines as AIRBUS, BAE Systems, ATR, IRKUT, COMAC and SAAB.


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