Lanthan GmbH & Co. KG

Aviation Obstacle / Obstruction & Warning Lights

Lanthan GmbH & Co. KG is a German based manufacturer of Aviation warning lights and Aviation warning light systems. Lanthan is a system integrator trying to improve the lights and systems, to reduce light emission (introduction of visibility range sensor for Wind Power in Germany) and to save energy (the first obstruction light under 2 W). Actually Lanthan is testing a lighting on demand system that is switched with Transponder signals.

Lanthan is distributing the whole range of obstacle lights for buildings, towers, masts, chimneys, cranes (tower, mobile, harbor, …) and power lines.

Company Profile

  • Low Intensity Obstruction Lights ICAO Compliant

    Our low intensity obstruction lights with 10 and 32Cd are equipped with LED, except the lights for Power Lines with neon tube. A small rugged housing with a well dimensioned heat sink are designed for a long performance.

    We have a range of different versions from see water resistant aluminum also anodized and PTFE coated for offshore use up to stainless steel housings for a harsh, aggressive atmosphere. The standard version is with plug so it is easy to install.

    We have also designed special solutions for radio towers that are radiation resistant.  Also for the exchange of older systems we design adjusting pieces for the individual situation.

  • Power Line Obstruction Lights

    Since 2013 Lanthan distributes obstruction lights for power lines. The innovation of the system is the capacitor. The capacitors are modular and much shorter than the usual ones on the market and thus the installation time is reduced to a minimum.

    This Low Intensity obstruction lights are available in two different types, the classic horizontal tubes in 32Cd (Low Intensity Type B) and also a vertical version with a minimum light emission of 10 Cd (Low Intensity Type A) and a german certification.


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