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Airport Frangible Masts

Lattix have delivered frangible masts to more than 200 airports in 40 countries throughout the world. Lattix frangible masts are perfect for approach lights, antennas and meteorological equipment. They are strong but soft, cost-effective, easy to transport, easy to handle and simple to erect. They are maintenance free, recyclable and ICAO approved.

Company Profile

  • The Material

    Lattix masts are made of aluminium – a pliable, lightweight material that make them:

    • Maintenance free
    • Durable
    • Strong and stable
    • Corrosion resistant
    • Salt water resistant
    • Easy to handle
    • Aesthetic, pleasant open design
    • 100% recyclable


  • Test Documentation

    The Lattix masts have been extensively tested both theoretically and in practice with respect to wind loads, jet blast, service loads, impacts etc.

    Full documentation from independent, official technical and scientific institutions are available on request.

    Do also read this statement from Avinor. The Lattix masts confirm fully to the ICAO Frangible Aids Study Group (FASG) «Interim Guidance on Frangibility».

  • Flexibilty

    Light adaptors vertically adjustable according to customers requirements. Full range of approach lights, plus RR and LI on one single mast with Cross Bars. Standard height up to 14 metres custom made up to 25 metres.

    Some references:

    • Belgium – Charleroi Bruxelles Sud (Appr. lights)
    • Bosnia – Sarajevo: (Appr. lights)
    • China – Guangzhou: (Appr. lights)
    • Denmark – Copenhagen Kastrup: (Met. Equipm.)
    • England – London Manston Airport: (Appr. lights)
    • England – Norwich Airport: (Appr. lights)
    • Ethiopia – Addis Ababa Bole Int.: (Appr. lights)
    • France – Cahors: Instruments: (Appr. lights)
    • France – Nice Met. Equipm: (Appr. lights)
    • India – 7 various airports: (Glide Path)
    • Ireland – Knock Int. Airport: (Appr. lights)
    • Italy – Firenze: (Appr. lights)
    • Kasakstan – Atyrau: (Appr. lights)
    • New Foundland Glide Path: (Appr. lights)
    • Norway – Oslo Airport: (Instruments)
    • South Pole: (Met. Equipm.)
    • Spain – Malaga: Windsock
    • Svalbard Norway – Longyearbyen: (Appr. lights)
    • Sweden – Stockholm Arlanda (DME masts)
    • Turkey – Istanbul Kurtköy: (Appr. lights)
    • USA – AMS: (Glide Path)
    • Vietnam – Noi Bai: (Appr. lights)
    • Zimbabwe – Harare Airport: (Instruments)
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