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Securing networks from invasive threats is one of the fastest-growing challenges facing us today and because airports are regarded as critical national assets, airport cyber security protection is fundamentally important.

More than ever before, airport operators rely on information technology to deliver operational efficiencies and passenger processing.

On-line check-in, e-ticketing, self-service bag drop and automated border controls are just some of the technologies that society have come to accept as normal practice.

Losing access to any of these services can have a catastrophic impact on airport operations and that’s before we even consider the reliance that our ATC and airline management systems have on technology networks.

Network attackers are tenacious and insidious, continually devising unique ways to gain access to secure information. Maintaining impermeable protection is why Lockheed Martin developed an Intelligence-Driven Defence security intelligence framework to detect, mitigate and effectively adapt to advanced cyber threats.

Leidos unique intelligence-focused approach to airport cyber security relies on cutting edge technology, vigilant people and innovative processes to comprehensively defend networks from advanced threats.

Protecting our networks and the networks of our customers is our top priority.

We stay one-step ahead of our adversaries by quickly recognizing and mitigating problems before they arise in order to protect our corporation and overall, our national security.

Company Profile

  • Secure Cyber Security Solutions For Airports

    Leidos provides more than just firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and encryption to defend against evolving airport cyber security threats.

    We understand you need a complete enterprise strategy for maximum protection to defend against evolving threats.

    Our cyber security experts deliver unmatched expertise in implementing full lifecycle cyber security solutions for the most critical systems.

    Our services include:

    Review of organizational policies, procedures, and the current cyber security design to identify threats, vulnerabilities, and other impacts to system integrity and network communications.

    Both current and emerging cyber threat scenarios are evaluated, findings are documented, and remediation recommendations are provided.

    Security Plans, Policies, and Procedures Develops the framework and processes needed to implement, monitor, and manage a client’s security operations and assets. Standards and best practices are incorporated into the client’s governance framework.

    Architecture of a complete security design that provides a layered and adaptable environment for the client’s information technology, networks, and communications systems, including both electronic and physical security.

    Conduct a series of targeted attacks on client’s systems to determine the degree to which a client’s sites, systems, and networks are vulnerable and provide mitigation recommendations.

    Support to client’s security operations staff including consulting, staff augmentation, and turn-key security operations. Services include virus and patch management, intrusion detection and prevention, asset management, change management, incident response, and security help desk operation.

    An award-winning security awareness campaign that baselines risky behavior, educates employees on individual responsibility, and measures improvements throughout.

  • Airport Operational Solutions

    Our airport operational solutions are trusted by over 70 airports globally to help more efficiently handle 1.1 billion passengers and 3 million flight movements annually.

    From passenger tracking to resource management; AODB to aeronautical billing; forecasting and revenue planning; departure sequencing to time-based flow measurement; Leidos offers the most comprehensive suite of airport solutions that offer an end to end view of the operation that consolidates terminal, airside ATM and decision information systems.

    From curb to cloud, we’ve got it covered…

  • Airport Consultancy and IT Services

    Today’s aviation market is unrecognizable from the one that Leidos helped pioneer over 100 years ago.

    From the beginnings of air travel with the Martin Model 12 and Model G aircrafts, to the first Air Traffic Control Systems in 1960s and the truly modernized ATOP and NextGen programs for the FAA, our aviation heritage and capability is unmatched.

    Whether you’re an Airport, ANSP, Ground Handler or Airline, Leidos offers a range of process focused and IT-based consultancy services that will deliver tangible benefits to the organization.

    Whether it’s full IT outsource, application support and development, cyber security or project management on large-scale airport projects, our team have most definitely been there, seen it and got the t-shirts.

    Our airport consultancy and IT services give you access to some of the best minds in the business with the airport systems expertise to back it up.
    Our technology agnostic, solution neutral approach has a proven track record throughout the aviation industry.

    Our consultancy team are focused on ensuring that airports, air traffic controllers, airlines and the many other community stakeholders have robust solutions that add value to their operation.

    With the sheer scale of technologies, systems and providers available, many organizations struggle to effectively manage the scoping, procurement, selection and project management processes, resulting in projects that underdeliver.

    From IT outsourcing for ATCs and airports through to back-office systems integration across geographically dispersed organizations, our industry experts can advise on technology that will make your operations smarter, more efficient and more profitable.


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