LFV Aviation Consulting

Your partner in smart solutions for the aviation of tomorrow.

LFV Aviation Consulting AB is an affiliated company to LFV Air Navigation Services of Sweden, established in 1982 with the objective to market LFV overseas and to carry out international projects within the entire field of civil aviation.

The company offers a full range of state-of-the-art services, from training to ANS operations to the provision of various complex ANS- and airport related technical services within the areas described below to clients worldwide.

  • Airport Services
  • Airspace
  • Technical Consultancy
  • Information Services
  • Education
  • Aviation and Airport Consultancy

While LFV Aviation Consulting provides a wide range of services to the civil aviation sector throughout the world, it has no commercial interest whatsoever in the supply of equipment, nor is it committed to any national philosophy of civil aviation management systems. Accordingly, the company can offer independent advice on technical or management solutions that best match client needs while conforming to state-of-the-art practices and technology.

LFV Aviation Consulting often has the role of an adviser for on-going aviation projects where LFV Aviation Consulting monitors project implementation/ or construction and advises the client on design, construction, operations and transport economics issues throughout all phases.

Multi-skilled background from international aviation projects
The company has a multi-skilled background from international aviation projects as well as from worldwide ICAO assignments. The experts used for international projects have solid experience of Management, Engineering, Procurement, Training and Operation of Air Transport Systems in both the developed world and in emerging economies. In many cases staff members hold dual qualifications in fields such as Air Traffic Management, Engineering, Aircrew, Economics, Business Administration and the human components within the air transportation sector. Therefore, they are able to provide powerful assistance in the development of competencies within the sector.

Company experience
LFV Aviation Consulting has provided services to more than 50 countries through a number of different projects for more than 35 years. The company has a considerable track record of performance with airports, civil aviation administrations, airport authorities, air traffic control, aviation safety standards and security service for operators and multilateral development agencies all over the world. LFV Aviation Consulting has also provided services for institutions such as Eurocontrol, the European Union, the European Space Agency and ICAO.

Company Profile

  • Product portfolio

    Aviation and airport consulting

    • Master Plan
    • Business Stratgy
    • Audits and Recommendations
    • Traffic Forecasting
    • Financing & Performance Management
    • Technical and Operations Planning
    • Investment Planning
    • Green Aviation Planning
    • Concept Development
    • Conceptual and Detailed Design
    • Legislation and Regulation
    • Safety and Security
  • Airport services

    • Air Traffic Management
    • Pre-study Remote Tower
    • CNS-services
    • Remote Tower Services – RTS


    • CNS-analysis
    • Obstacle Analysies
    • Procedure- and Airspace design
    • Efficiency and optimization of airspace

    Technical Consultancy

    • System Management
    • System Development

    Information services

    • Digital AIM and Flight Planning Services
    • Dronar map
  • Contacts for LFV Aviation Consulting:

    Maria Wall Petrini
    +46 (0) 708 14 86 53


LFV Aviation Consulting
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