Aircraft Weight & Balance Services

LOADMASTERS is a Specialist Weight & Balance Services provider.

Established and experienced within the aerospace industry

  • Aircraft weighing and support services
  • Paint scheme weight change calculation
  • Technical weight and balance services

We are your experienced provider that understands the demands you face to buy quality reliable services.

Our range of services include

  • Weighing Aircraft
    LOADMASTERS has the equipment and manpower to provide a total weighing service that can cope with commercial aircraft, light aircraft and helicopters.
  • Weight and Balance Documentation
    LOADMASTERS can produce and prepare a wide range of weight and balance documents including Weighing Records, Weight Change records, Weight & CG Shedules, Loading Analyses for air test or ballast arrangements and load placement and Weighing preparation Check Lists. Design of aircraft loadsheets and loadmessage information, e.g AHM560, may be done in collaboration with our partner company, AIRCRAFT LOADCONTROL LTD
  • Hire of weighing equipment
    LOADMASTERS can hire you a complete package of equipment, for commercial aircraft with technical backup that you can rely on for all aspects of the process.
    We have low profile scales, high capacity wide body scales and load cells. With appropriate ramps, bridges and axle jacking equipment to suit most aircraft.
  • Calibration of Weighing Equipment
    LOADMASTERS can also calibrate most types of weighing equipment to satisfy the regulating authorities. The calibration equipment is traceable to an approved national standard.
  • Sales of Weighing Equipment
    LOADMASTERS can provide sound proven advice in order that you get the right equipment for your requirements. This is because we own and use equipment from several of the worlds leading manufacturers.
  • Consultancy Services
    LOADMASTERS weight and balance experience within the aviation industry is at your disposal and could help you to achieve better integration of your weight and balance systems.
  • Training Courses
    LOADMASTERS can provide training courses tailored to suit your needs.

Company Profile

  • About LOADMASTERS Specialist Weight & Balance Services

    LOADMASTERS is a leading Specialist Weight & Balance Services provider, established and experienced within the aerospace industry.

    We provide a wide range of support services to a diverse customer range:

    • Maintenance Providers
    • Coatings and Livery Re-finishers
    • Commercial and Private Operators
    • Aircraft Manufacturers
    • Ministry of Defense (UK MOD)

    We hold the necessary civil airworthiness authority approval ensuring we maintain standards to meet the requirements of global regulatory authorities.

    LOADMASTERS has a tradition of customer service and innovation. The company continues to seek ways of expanding its services to meet emerging customer needs.

  • Aircraft Weighing Service

    Aircraft Weighing & Analysis / Weighing Your Aircraft

    LOADMASTERS is the leading supplier of specialist weighing services across the UK and Europe enabling aircraft operators to comply with the airworthiness requirements.

    Having proven dependability with a 24 hr 7 days a week operation our highly trained weights engineers will assist with guidance for a safe, smooth an efficient weighing operation.

    LOADMASTERS are able to support the weighing of any aircraft type whether fixed wing aircraft or helicopter our national approval is recognised across the world and will satisfy the quality requirements of your maintenance approval or your subcontractors and airworthiness authority.

  • Paint Scheme Weight Change Calculation

    When an aircraft has a paint livery change, whether that be the entire aircraft or a partial livery change this has an effect on the aircraft weight and balance. LOADMASTERS offer a recognised process which satisfies the requirement of the CAA and other regulating authorities to re-determine the aircraft weight and balance after painting.

    This process determines the change to the aircraft weight and balance by calculation and production of a paint scheme weight and balance change report rather than a physical reweigh which reduces the aircraft downtime and associated costs.

  • Weight & Balance Technical Services

    Operating a fleet of aircraft is a complex and time consuming activity. Part of the operation is producing and maintaining the weight and balance documentation for each aircraft. LOADMASTERS can provide a solution to this element by managing the fleet weight and balance documentation.

    In addition to undertaking the aircraft physical reweighs LOADMASTERS can produce and maintain the operating documentation including Weight Schedules, Weight Changes, maintaining the aircraft Cumulative Log for minor weight changes etc.


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