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Lödige Airport Logistics – Solutions for Air Cargo Handling and Services

Lödige is a global leader in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of fully automated air cargo handling systems.

The scope of supply ranges from mobile terminal equipment (e.g. innovations i.e. FlexLoader) to tailor-made solutions for air cargo and baggage handling, aircraft catering and equipment for aircraft assembly and maintenance. The Warehouse Management System (WMS) Cargo Professional and other software applications provide standard software modules, which can be selected to facilitate varying degrees of automation for material handling systems.

Worldwide subsidiaries: New York, London, Copenhagen, Zurich, Doha, New Delhi, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Beijing.

Certifications such as the ISO 9001:2000 prove the ongoing commitment to quality and innovation.

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Company Profile

  • Automated and Manual Air Cargo Systems

    Systems capable of handling in excess of 1,000,000 tonnes of cargo per year. Specifically designed to meet individual client requirements and specifications.

    The system capabilities include:

    • Fully automated or manual Air Cargo Unit Load Device (ULD’s) handling
    • Fully automated or manual bulk cargo handling
    • Single parcel / package handling
    • Special Cargo and out of gauge handling
    • Valuables cargo handling
    • X-Ray systems
    • Document transfer system
    • Consolidation of consignments
    • Build and break workstations for unit load device
    • Storage and retrieval
    • Cool Room storage
    • Bar code and radio frequency technology
    • Truck docks

    Typical Projects Include:

    • AAT Asia Freight Terminal Hong Kong (910,000 tonnes per year)
    • British Airways World Cargo Centre Heathrow (800,000 tonnes per year)
    • Cargo Logic Switzerland (750,000 tonnes per year)
    • KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (500,000 tonnes per year)
    • New Doha International Airport (1,350,000 tonnes per year)
    • SATS Singapore (500,000 tonnes per year)

    Click here for more information regarding the Lödige Airport Logistics.

  • FlexLoader - Flexible ULD Handling

    The FlexLoader merges the functionality of a truck dock and a pallet transporter. It is remote controlled and battery operated, making it particularly flexible. Its freely steerable drive system allows it to move in any direction.

    The FlexLoader has an integrated lifting function, which makes it possible to pick up and set down ULD s and pallets from different heights.

    Use the FlexLoader for:

    • Loading and unloading trucks
    • Transferring pallets to work stations, slave pallets, conveyor elements and storage positions
    • Turning ULDs
    • Storing ULDs on two levels

    Click here for more information regarding the Lödige FlexLoader.

  • Lodige Service for long-term system reliability

    Lödige Industries provides bespoke maintenance services for equipment ranging from single machines up to complete automated systems, which guarantee your assets operate reliably and at the lowest possible cost. At the same time, our international service network ensures a fast response in the event of random faults even for equipment not delivered by Lödige.

    As your needs change over time, Lödige can also support the expansion of your facility, or the transition to new technologies. Lödige have a strong track record for delivering system enhancements or modernisations whilst Clients continue to run their day to day business.

    Lödige provides services for:

    • Air Cargo Systems and Equipment
    • Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems
    • Aircraft Maintenance Facilities
    • In Flight Catering Systems
    • Automatic Car Park Systems
    • Order Picking Systems
    • Ground Support Equipment
    • Goods/Passenger Lifts
    • Lifting platforms

    We can provide a variety of maintenance services tailored to suit your need.

    Our Field Service product offers the following on competitive unit rates or based on a fixed monthly fee, depending on your requirements:

    • Preventive Maintenance;
    • Breakdown and Repairs Call Out;
    • Predictive Maintenance;
    • Programmable Device support;
    • Compliance with Safety Requirements;
    • Scale calibration and certification services;
    • Professional Engineer services;
    • Ad hoc support for your existing maintenance team.

    Our Residential Service product provides a managed, comprehensive maintenance service designed to maximise overall system availability and reduce overall cost, delivered by a team of experienced and highly trained maintenance technicians based on your site.

    Click here for more information regarding the Lödige Service.

  • Lodige Consultancy

    Lödige are material handling system experts, both in terms of designing/delivering green-field systems, and maintaining or upgrading existing systems.

    We can advise you on:

    • Maintenance optimisation – cost vs performance;
    • Maintenance outsourcing – focus on your core business;
    • MHS asset condition – benchmarked against other systems using predictive techniques;
    • Operational process optimisation – get the best out of your MHS;
    • Control system upgrades – to the latest state of the art;
    • Equipment refurbishment / replacement – increasing performance and reliability;
    • Automation of semi automatic or manual systems – reduce your labour costs.

    Contact us to arrange a meeting to talk through your needs.

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Company News

Lödige Industries equipped new handling facility at Brisbane Airport

Meeting increased demand for exports Lödige Industries, the world's leading provider of cargo terminal solutions, has completed the installation of comprehensive technical equipment for a new ULD handling facility at Brisbane Airport. The material handling system …

Lödige Industries to deliver smart material handling system for Cainiao Smart Gateway at Hong Kong International Airport in Hong Kong

To improve efficiency and reduce international shipping times, Lödige Industries will deliver an automated handling system for Cainiao Smart Gateway, Alibaba’s logistics arm’s smart logistics infrastructure and the third largest logistics centre in Hong Kong. …

Lödige Industries finalizes automated Cold-Chain Pallet-Cargo System for AAT COOLPORT at Hong Kong International Airport

Meeting the growing demand for seamless cold chain solutions in air cargo  Lödige Industries, the world's leading provider of air cargo terminal solutions, has completed an automated Cold Chain Pallet-Cargo System at Hong Kong International Airport.  …

Lödige Industries named Air Cargo Technology Provider of the Year

More than 15 million tonnes of air cargo are handled annually with Lödige Industries' terminal technology. For one of its latest innovations, the intelligent Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) for flexible and scalable ULD transport, the …

Aeroterm Selects Lödige Industries for Modernization Project at New York's JFK Airport

Aeroterm, North America’s largest third party on-airport developer, has selected Lödige Industries, the world's leading provider of cargo terminal solutions, to install a state-of-the-art automated cargo system at John F. Kennedy International Airport‘s new 350,000-square-foot …

Lödige Industries completes second major project in Sichuan

New fully automated cargo terminal at Chengdu Tianfu International Airport  Lödige Industries, the global leader in air cargo terminals, has installed a new fully automated air cargo terminal at Chengdu Tianfu International Airport. The core of …


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