Longest Chance

Hand-to-Hand RFID Baggage Tracking Systems for Airlines, Airports and Handlers

Longest Chance includes “ERFID” company, which has 8 years of experience in the field of RFID Based Baggage Operations. Currently, the company is the CIS leader in RFID solutions for business and official partner of industrial giants such as Motorola, Impinj etc. At the same time, “ERFID” participates in numerous European and international RFID associations.

By the end of year 2014, “ERFID” has successfully completed and brought to business environments a significant amount of different projects in such areas as warehouse logistics, jewelry industry, exhibitions and conferences, clothing and footwear, archives, libraries and etc.

Cooperation with IATA, comprehensive experience, and professionalism of the team, compliance of Hand to Hand RFID Baggage Tracking Systems with all requirements of IATA Resolution 753, deep knowledge of current problems with baggage handling, as well as understanding of up-to-date needs and further evolution of the air industry – these all are our primary advantages for the partners involved in reduction of mishandlings, financial loss, and increasing passenger experience.

Strategic partner of IATA in RFID Based Baggage Operations and Gold Partner of ACI World.

We offer “HHRBTS” for airlines as service

Airlines will need to:

  • Use of the RFID-enabled baggage tags
  • Pay only transactions for RFID tracking of each bag

Airlines do not need to:

  • invest in RFID infrastructure
  • support this RFID infrastructure

AIRPORTS will need to provide technical communications and support inside the airport.

AIRPORTS do not need to invest into the RFID equipment for bag tracking.

Company Profile

  • Airport RFID Tracking Systems

    The main goals of Longest Chance with cooperation IATA are:

    1. Global deployment of RFID infrastructure in the air industry.
    2. Taking advantage of leveraging RFID and barcode technologies.
    3. Providing high level of baggage operations.
    4. Ultimate reduction of financial loss for airlines
    5. Full compliance with IATA Resolutions 753.

    In addition to the comprehensive hardware support of EPC Gen2 (ISO 18000-6), ERFID Communication Server supports hardware active RFID, HF-equipment and the external sensors. This allows using the ERFID Communication Server as the basis for creation of complex systems using the full range of automatic identification technologies to solve various tasks of your business.

  • Airline Baggage Security

    Accurate baggage inventories will:

    • increase visibility of the baggage during the baggage handling operations;
    • detection of the baggage skipped the security points of control; prevent and reduce mishandling by determining custody of every bag during different phases of baggage chain,
    • increase passenger satisfaction, as mishandling is reduced,
    • reduce the possibility of baggage fraud by closing the baggage journey,
    • enable exceptions to be detected where baggage is delivered to a party, but not processed further,
    • speed up reconciliation and flight readiness for departing flights,
    • help measuring compliance to SLA’s,
    • Provide evidence to an automatic interline proration process.
  • Baggage Handling & Operations

    Full compliance with IATA Resolutions 753:

    • Demonstrate Delivery, of baggage when custody changes;
    • Demonstrate acquisition, of baggage when custody changes;
    • Provide an inventory of bags, upon departure of a flight.
    • Be capable of exchanging these events with other airlines as needed

    Each airport terminal has its own characteristics (different roof racks, different levels of automation, weak points and bottlenecks, etc).

    Regardless of any features, our system is able to ensure a total control over all areas of baggage movement along the terminal, between terminals, between airports. The system is able to reliably monitor all movements of the baggage sent, transferred and arrived.

    The system can be quickly deployed in separate terminals or entire airport.

    The system is proactive. Capable in real time to automatically report real time errors that occur thus enabling them to quickly recover.

    The system is capable of processing large volumes of data, performing analysis, and providing necessary statistics.

    Flexible integration with local and remote airline and airport IT systems.

  • Airport Baggage Operations Software

    Advantages of Hand to Hand RFID Baggage Tracking System.

    • 99,9 % level of readability of bag tags
    • Baggage tracking inside and outside BHS
    • Baggage tracking passed security zones
    • Tracking baggage on the loading carousel
    • Tracking of transit baggage
    • Control of baggage claim at the arrival airport
    • Sending notifications and reports to staff
    • Services to customers


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