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Opportunity drives us. Accountability defines us.

It’s why Macquarie is a leading financial services provider across a diverse range of sectors around the world. Our breadth of expertise covers asset finance, advisory and capital markets, trading and hedging, funds management, financing, research and retail financial services.

We have a long-term commitment to the Aviation Industry, from ownership of airports, finance of aircrafts to expertise in Ground Support Equipment (GSE) leasing. Our customers include ground handlers, airports and airlines.

Our GSE asset finance team specialises in structuring bespoke equipment finance and asset management solutions to help manage your fleet in a cost effective way and can also assist in facilitating GSE pooling efficiencies.

Macquarie Equipment Finance (MEF) is a part of Macquarie’s leasing and lending division, Corporate and Asset Finance.

Macquarie Group (Macquarie) is a global provider of banking, financial, advisory, investment and funds management services. Macquarie has six major operating groups. Each group is comprised of individual businesses (like MEF) that specialize in a defined product or market sector.

The Corporate and Asset Finance (CAF) operating group provides innovative and traditional capital, finance and related services and specializes in:

  • leasing and asset finance
  • corporate debt and finance solutions
  • asset remarketing, sourcing and trading.

Company Profile

  • Macquarie GSE Rental Solutions

    Across the wider Macquarie Group, we specialise in airport and aviation financing, asset management, equipment trading and remarketing and asset services. Macquarie is an independent financier with deep knowledge of underlying customer base.

    Macquarie can provide Multi Asset, Single or Multi Location Rental Facilities to GSE operators to:

    • Release scarce capital from non-core assets
    • Access cost effective off-balance sheet funding from a committed long term partner
    • Retain control over fleet management, planning and procurement decisions
    • Enforce service level agreements while preserving access to key equipment
    • Protect against obsolescence, hand back surplus/obsolete equipment
    • Retain control over equipment procurement decisions and technical standards
    • Simplify the acquisition process moving forward using dedicated equipment finance facilities
    • Preserve existing credit limits with other institutions
    • Enjoy flexibility to match long or medium-term operational needs.
    • Cover multiple countries from one source – Cross border leasing.
    • Have one leasing partner for jurisdictions in Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Singapore and China
  • Online Asset Management Portal

    Macquarie helps organisations to proactively manage their owned and rented GSE fleet through one source. MEFinsight, our self-service, interactive online asset management tool provides a detailed record of all assets and leases across the investment or rental lifecycle. An interactive dashboard graphically displays a summary view of key records and allows our customers to create personalised reports. MEFinsight is offered to our Enterprise customers at no additional cost.

  • Fleet Management Tools & GSE Pooling

    Macquarie helps GSE operators improve their operational and cost performance by including the option to bundle GSE telematics services with the rental of motorised and non-motorised GSE. As an independent owner and financier of GSE, Macquarie is able to work with your preferred telematics service provider to tailor a GSE rental and telematics bundle to suit your current and future requirements, or to bundle telematics hardware and services from leading telematics service providers.

    Following from our expertise and together with our partners Macquarie can design and implement bespoke GSE pooling schemes for the airports.

  • Macquarie IT & Terminal Fittings Leasing

    In Addition to GSE Macquarie is able to lease a broad range of equipment to our clients. Examples of specific equipment that is of interest to us include general office IT and networking equipment, such as desktops, laptops, smart phones, monitors, routers, switches, printers, scanners, IP telephones, AV equipment, terminal displays, security equipment, CCTV cameras, furniture and/or shop fittings.

    A key issue is that Macquarie is a “vendor independent” financier, which means that we do not interfere in your equipment selection process, vendor selection process, or in your negotiations of equipment price, terms and conditions.

    Please note that this is not an exhaustive list and we would be pleased to discuss the financing of other equipment that is not listed here.

    Macquarie Corporate and Asset Finance is a trading name used by the following entities within the Macquarie Group: Macquarie Corporate and Asset Finance 1 Limited (Company No. 07815862)(authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (Firm Reference Number 726503)) and Macquarie Corporate and Asset Finance 2 Ltd (Company No. 08253764). The information in this document should not be construed as a definitive statement regarding the provision of finance which is still subject to credit discretion, criteria and/or requirements of Macquarie Corporate and Asset Finance (MCAF), instead the document operates as a guide for purely indicative purposes. MCAF reserves the right to approve, on such conditions as it may require, or decline any proposal in its sole and absolute discretion. MCAF also reserves the right to require the provision of such documents and information as it may deem necessary in its sole and absolute discretion to consider whether to approve or decline any proposal. The information in this document may be varied by MCAF at any time without notice. ©Macquarie Group.


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