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Airport Rescue and Firefighting Vehicles (ARFF)

The best firefighting vehicles are built by fire-fighters. This fact was known to Conrad Dietrich Magirus, fire-fighter by passion, visionary and founder of our company 150 years ago. In keeping with this tradition, today we at Magirus build the most modern and most reliable fire-fighting vehicles, ladders, pumps and fire pumps. And today many employees at Magirus are trained comrade fire-fighters who know exactly what’s needed on the job.

The work of our comrades in fire-fighting services around the world is an inspiration as well as motivation, since their mission is what drives us. This is also the reason why the equipment, vehicles and solutions we develop for our comrades are among the best in the world.

For over 150 years now they have been making fire-fighters’ lives easier and their work safer. Today at Magirus fire brigades find a comprehensive range of first-class, reliable fire-fighting vehicles, turntable ladders, rescue vehicles and equipment vehicles, special solutions, pumps and fire pumps.

Magirus currently employs employees at four locations. In Ulm the “Competence Centre for Fire Protection” consolidates the most important processes of the company at a single location. Due to its membership in CNH Industrial with approximately 64,400 employees worldwide, Magirus can rely on a worldwide network with the greatest possible expertise in the area of automotive engineering.

Extinguishing major fires, saving lives, protecting material goods, preserving infrastructure: The tasks faced every day by fire brigades are challenging enough as it is. If we take all these duties together and try to fulfil them simultaneously, we have something very much like the requirement profile of a modern airport.

Orders of magnitude, risk factors, hazards, the scope of possible damages – at an airport everything is simply larger. It logically follows that airport fire engines are therefore considered the imperial class amongst fire engines. And for years our DRAGON/IMPACT family has already been leading the pack in this premier league of major players. Their combination of strength and speed, intelligence and protective tenacity make them opponents worthy of mastering more than just fire.

Company Profile

  • Airport Rescue and Firefighting Vehicles (ARFF)

    Some dragons breathe fire, ours extinguish it: The Magirus DRAGON

    Our world is getting smaller and smaller – and we’re literally conquering it on the fly. To those responsible for airport safety, this represents a challenge that is growing just as much as passenger numbers and aircraft size as well as increasing flight frequency.

    As far as preventive fire protection is concerned, the solution here is the DRAGON. These powerhouses are the safest choice for any airport. With excellent acceleration and outstanding braking power, they can also drive while spraying water, foam or powder (pump and roll mode). And they have amazing extinguishing power.

    The newest DRAGON generation is entirely the result of a single integrated concept. This means everything is from a single source, from the special chassis to the superstructure, extinguishing technology to the control system. A modular system makes it possible to realize the widest possible variety of configurations in integrated vehicles. For maximum safety on the ground – and a great feeling in the air.

  • Magirus DRAGON X4

    Extremely compact and agile: The Magirus DRAGON X4 is a rapid intervention vehicle with outstanding manoeuvrability. This airport fire fighting vehicle is the entry model of the DRAGON series offering all the benefits of a special ARFFV (Aircrash Rescue And Fire Fighting Vehicle) and combines them with the manoeuvrability of a compact tank pumper.

    The DRAGON X4 can be used a Rapid Intervention Vehicle in any airport category, as stand alone solution up to category 5, or in combination with other ARFF vehicles. For smaller airports, it is the ideal all-rounder for fire protection on the airport. The spacious and ergonomic “Panorama Cab” allows easy entrance and exit, contributing to a fast response time. The low window areas provide the best all-round visibility.

    The low centre of gravity provides an excellent cornering ability even during the fastest deployment rides. Its low-set equipment storage compartments enable the loading of extensive fire-fighting equipments as well as its ergonomic and quick removal.

    All of this makes the DRAGON one of the best vehicles for fire-fighting and rescue at airports.

  • Magirus DRAGON X6

    Excellence in its compact form: The Magirus DRAGON X6 TEP convinces with its engine power, accelaration and extinguishing power, which are unique for this category throughout the world. This airport fire-fighting vehicle has the benefits of the DRAGON concept, but on an agile, all-terrain three-axle chassis.

    In this vehicle category, the performance values of the DRAGON X6 TEP – e.g. engine power, accelaration and extinguishing power – are found nowhere else in the world.

    TEP stands for Twin Engine Power Pack. The vehicle has a drive unit with two 540 HP (397 kW) in Euro 3 or 560 HP (412 kW) in Euro 5 IVECO Cursor 13 motors. The drive-line with two Allison automatic gearboxes allows to drive the vehicle at high speed, discharging water and foam (up to 9,400 l/min) in standing position or using the pump & roll mode.

    The DRAGON X6 TEP in the configuration of 40 t accelerates from 0 to 80 km/h in less than 21 seconds, while the top speed reaches 135 km/h (electronically governed). It’s excellent breaking performance is just as impressive.

  • Magirus SUPERDRAGON X8

    Gigantic performance and flexibility in one: The Magirus SUPERDRAGON X8 perfectly illustrates the outstanding strengths of the Dragon concept and the power of a giant. Extinguishing major fires, saving lives, protecting material goods, preserving infrastructure: For complex tasks at large modern airports, the SUPERDRAGON X8 is always the first choice due to its outstanding capabilities. With a permissible gross weight of 52 tons, it carries a giant payload.

    Depending on requirements, it is available with wheelbases from 4,050 and 5,050 mm. Its extensive reserves can be used for larger extinguishing agent capacities up to 17,000 l water tank plus foam and powder or for more fire-fighting equipment. The SUPERDRAGON X8 can be precisely adapted to local requirements in regards to its extinguishing technology and the cab design. Crews of 3, 4 or 6 fire-fighters are possible as well as placement of the driver’s seat on the left, right or centre.

    Standardized parts and components are used for all vehicles in the Dragon series. This standardisation makes production significantly more efficient, replacement parts more easily available and also facilitates the training of crews.

  • The little brother with a powerful punch: The Magirus IMPACT

    Dimensions at less frequented airports may be smaller than those encountered at world-class metropolitan airports, but the responsibilities involved are just the same! That’s why the little brother of our airport fire engine giant has already been the boss in this smaller sector for many years: The vehicles of the IMPACT series.

    An integrated concept, a modular system, engine and extinguishing power, pump and roll capability, at home on or off the road – every aspect is worthy of the big machines. The fact that IMPACT vehicles are based on modified large-scale truck series components with optimized performance means they guarantee absolute reliability. Whether at a major airport or on a small airfield, whether as all-rounder or specialist, IMPACT X4 or SUPERDRAGON X8: It all stays in the family.

  • Magirus IMPACT X4

    The Magirus IMPACT X4 combines proven solutions with innovative technologies, resulting in an all-rounder with highly specialised skills. This airport fire-fighting vehicle is specially designed as a rapid intervention vehicle to be used stand alone in small category airports or in combination with other ARFF vehicles. It combines a compact size with a wide range of applications. The Impact series is based on large-scale truck series components that have proven themselves thousands of times over in service and which have been modified to meet requirements of this special application:

    • Motors in the power range of up to 560 HP (412 kW) for the fastest operational readiness
    • Euro 3 and Euro 5 emission technologies
    • Allison automatic transmission or ZF EuroTronic automated manual transmission for comfortable and easy driving
    • Single tyres for optimal off-road capability

    Superstructure, extinguishing technology and control electronics are perfectly matched to the chassis and are part of the vehicle’s comprehensive design, offering a reliable, mission orientated vehicle.

  • Magirus IMPACT X6

    The Magirus IMPACT X6 represents a series of versatile and flexible ARFF solution vehicles. This airport fire-fighting vehicle enlarges the field of ARFFV operations. Thanks to the increased extinguishing capacity it covers the requirements of different categories of airports. The IMPACT X6 offers the choice between single or double cabin versions.

    As the IMPACT X6 is a highly efficient alternative for fire departments with large scale missions. All IMPACT models can be adapted to local missions. It can be equipped with many possible combinations, including

    • Pumps with or without a high-pressure system for maximum flexibility
    • CAFS compressed air foam systems that ensure preparedness for special applications
    • Roof and front monitors for maximum safety
    • Self-protection sprayers
    • The contemporary Magirus HMI (Human Machine Interface) pump control unit for intuitive and fast operation
    • Integration of fast attack reels, powder and CO2 extinguishing systems based on customer needs
    • Completely flexible accommodation of fire-fighting equipment loading
  • Magirus SUPERIMPACT X6

    The Magirus SUPERIMPACT X6 is the alternative for high-performance airfield fire protection. This airport fire fighting vehicle is specially designed for the most demanding and extreme performance. It is a completely new Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting vehicle (ARFF) based on large truck series with reinforced components and especially broad axes.

    This new series, based on IVECO chassis, is the result of a close collaboration between chassis engineers and fire protection specialists – for maximum performance from a single mould. The powerful chassis has a total weight of 33 tons with a width of 2,900 mm and a 560 HP (412 kW) engine. Its maximum speed is 113 km/h; it accelerates from 0-80 km/h in less than 33 seconds.

    The SUPERIMPACT X6 features extreme handling stability. Due to the extremely wide wheel track and low centre of gravity, its cornering performance is optimal. The SUPERIMPACT X6 passes the tilt test on a 30 degree slope and meets international ARFF standards.

    The crew compartement is specially designed to meet airfield fire-fighting requirements and can be equipped with up to four seats.


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