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Aircraft Ground Power Units, Frequency Converters and Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Magnus Power can offer an excellent range of Ground Power Units and frequency converters to suit your application, whether you are powering an aircraft, testing or repairing galley equipment, lighting or seating for on-board aircraft use, we will have a 400hz supply for you.

Need to provide 400Hz power to your aircraft? Magnus Power have the affordable solution in our Ground Power Unit available in 30kVA, 45kVA, 60kVA and 90kVA
Or if you are looking for a frequency converter to power the whole workshop our ME3 range is ideal and we can offer 10kW up to 500kVA.

Do you require a 400hz frequency converter for your avionics workshop? Magnus Power can offer an excellent range of frequency converters to suit your application, whether you are a testing or repairing galley equipment, lighting or seating for on-board use, we will have a 400hz supply for you.

At Magnus Power we can offer a small 1kw fixed output 400hz converter, this is a very compact unit (which weighs less than 10kgs) or our LF3-400, this has a 3kw 3 Phase Output, a very popular unit with aircraft seating manufacturers.

For further information on how Magnus Power can work with you to develop a power supply system to suit your requirements please contact our sales team now.

Company Profile

  • Ground Power Units - GPU's

    Magnus Power GPU units were designed with Power Factor Correction to guarantee a perfect sinusoidal input current from 25% to 150% load and a low THD (<3%)

    Magnus Power ensure high quality, efficient and secure electrical power supplies. Solid-state Ground Power.

  • Standard Features

    • Robust mechanical design
    • Integrated galvanic isolation (output as standard)
    • High fault-clearing capability – short circuit clearance
    • Designed to withstand environmental conditions
    • Selectable Ingress Protection (up to IP54)

    Energy Efficiency

    • Up to 95% efficiency using state of the art semiconductor technology
    • High Efficiency and low noise
    • Power Factor Correction
    • 4 Quadrant Operation (Regenerative loads)
    • Double Conversion with Sinewave Output
  • Frequency Converters

    Magnus Power have an excellent range of static frequency converters to fit your application.

    We start from a very compact 1KVA, 400Hz frequency converter (LF1-400) up to 500KVA (ME3 series). Whether you need single phase, three phase, fixed output or variable output we should have a suitable product.

    Our Frequency Converter range comprises of the following:

  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies

    With a wide range of UPS models available from Magnus Power, I’m sure you will find the solution to your application.

    Uninterruptible power supplies are like a parachute, you desperately hope that you never have to use one but when you do, you want it to work!

    Like parachutes there are many types of UPS, Line-Interactive, Off-Line, On-Line, Digital On-Line, but they all serve the purpose of protecting your system from crashing in the event of a power failure.

    There are a wide variety of UPS topologies, but deciding which technology is right can be a difficult task.


    • With the Power Station series we can offer long autonomy (up to 17hours), to being able to offer true on line double conversion for high levels of protection.


    • With our rotation series you can parallel up to 4 systems together to give you the opportunity to grow your UPS as your data centre grows.


    • Our Rotation series offer a “SMART ECO MODE”, upon mains failure the load will instantaneously be reconnected with no disturbance or threat to the IT or EPOS network

    Have a look at our product range to select the right UPS for your application

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