Baggage Handling Systems (BHS) Tailored to Each Airport.

MATEC is the BHS (Baggage Handling Systems) leader company in Latin America that distinguishes itself by the proximity to its clients. Specialized in implementing customized and comprehensive solutions for its customer needs, accomplishing in the solutions an excellent balance between efficiency, reliability, and cost.

MATEC has a highly trained work team, with standardized mechanical, electrical and software (high and low level) design processes; as well as logistics, manufacturing, installation and commissioning processes that guarantee the development of each project in a professional, timely and reliable manner; allowing our clients to have an excellent project development experience and solutions that exceed initial expectations.

MATEC‘s BHS are developed in compliance with the highest standards of design and operation, such as, those established by TSA, ECAC, IATA and ICAO, allowing redundant operation and reliability over 99 % in Check-in, Security Feed, Security Shunt, OSR, Alarm line, CBRA, Manual encoding, Reinsert line, Clear line, Main line, Transfer line, Make-up, In bound, baggage claim, etc.

MATBag is MATEC’s management and control software, that integrates the BHS with the airport management systems such as AODB / RMS, BMS, BSM, CBIS among others. Furthermore, it permits to manage the entire system graphically and remotely at a detailed level, obtaining real-time information on the operation, maintenance and security level inspection of baggage, enabling optimization of the BHS performance and the consulting of the BHS reports.

At MATEC, we are driven by the pride of our works which we promote through unconditional support. For this reason, we have a guaranteed first-class 24 / 7 after-sales customer service in Latin America and the Caribbean, providing our customers a real-time service, through a VPN connection and hotline.


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