Airport Conveyors and Baggage Handling System Design and Manufacturing

MATREX is a conveyor and BHS manufacturer with recognised experience in industry, logistics and airport fields.

Our plant and factory are located close to Paris (France).

MATREX is a human-sized company which designs, manufactures and installs baggage handling systems (BHS) and passenger processing solutions with integration of safety and security machines.

During many years, MATREX was the subsidiary factory of a baggage handling manufacturing group in the airport industry.

For the last three decades, our company has been supplying several airport installations including complete BHS systems, baggage airport belt conveyors and baggage diverters currently in operation all around the world, particularly in Europe and Africa.

MATREX provides airport standard conveyors and tailor-made solutions to airport operators and global contractors. Our equipment is designed, manufactured and assembled in France. It meets latest international hold and hand baggage screening technologies standards (IATA and ECAC).

MATREX airport baggage handling equipment is made to last and easy-to-maintain. Our designed passenger processing solutions offer a very passenger pleasant experience in airports.

MATREX offers a full product range of equipment for:

  • Departure area (baggage check-in and handling conveyors)
  • Baggage sorting
  • Security passenger and baggage checkpoint
  • Arrival area (baggage reclaim)

MATREX supports his airport customers throughout their projects :

  • Design and engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Assembly and Factory Acceptance Test
  • Installation – start-up with local partners
  • After sales services

MATREX is a member of PROAVIA, the French association of airport technology and commerce.

Company Profile

  • Baggage check-in and baggage handling (departure area)

    MATREX helps passengers and their bags to make the journey from the airport to the plane as easy as possible, while passing through all the sorting and screening stages.

    Baggage check-in conveyors

    MATREX designs and manufactures check-in conveyors which allow for an effective, fast and smooth baggage check-in.

    • Standard baggage check-in conveyors: simple or double, with 1, 2 or 3 belts.
    • odd-size baggage check-in conveyor

    Baggage handling belt conveyors

    MATREX provides a full range of belt conveyors suited to the handling of baggage:

    • Baggage collector conveyor
    • Feed and sequencing conveyor
    • Baggage accumulation conveyor (accuroller)


    In addition of check-in conveyors, MATREX can provide also check-in counters, information and boarding counters, police counters, benches and seats for boarding area, according to customer requirements.

  • Baggage sorting

    After having been checked-in, bags must be screened using single-view, dual-view, explosive detection (EDS) or tomography X-ray machines, depending on the IATA standard adopted by the airport (standard 2 or 3).

    MATREX help its clients to optimise baggage sorting and baggage make-up process.

    Our company offers many baggage-handling solutions, up to 2,000 bags per hour :

    • Make-up baggage carousels (even with a level change)
    • Automated sorting baggage carousels
    • Baggage diverters and pushers.

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  • Baggage handling - arrival area

    MATREX designs and manufactures a range of belt and free roller conveyors for standard and odd-size (OOG) baggage deposit and reclaim.

    MATREX provides also baggage reclaim carousels (Caterpillar drive units) :

    • Flat carousels
    • Inclined carousels

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  • Passenger processing and baggage screening

    MATREX designs, manufactures and installs baggage-handling systems integrating screening baggage, in accordance with current safety rules and IATA and ECAC recommendations (standards 2 and 3).

    BHS designs integrate hold-baggage screening machines (Rx/EDS/Tomography) and hand baggage screening machines.

    MATREX provides also complete security checkpoint installations, including :

    • Free and roller conveyors :
      • automatic return of empty trays
      • automatic diversion of trays with suspicious items
    • Hand baggage screening tables
    • Screening trays
    • Trolleys for screening trays
    • Baggage trolleys and stations


Baggage check-in conveyor

MATREX designs and manufactures check-in conveyors which allow for an effective, fast and smooth baggage check-in. In fact, they can be perfectly adapted to airline companies’ needs and airport constraints. They ensure passenger and airport staff …

Baggage belt conveyor

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