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Products and tailor-made solutions for conductivity measurement

MBA developed and produced conductivity measurement systems for continuous and stationary measurement of conductivity and temperature of light mineral oils such as Aviation Fuel, kerosene Jet A-1. We are your contact for various fields of application – such as tank farms or airports.

Whether as hand-held measuring device MLA900 or continuous inline measurement in the pipeline with the MLA1000 – the technology of our devices and systems has proven itself for several decades in worldwide use.

By stationary measurement of the electrical conductivity value in oil with the MLA1000, airports, pipeline operators or refuelling companies can improve the safety of fuel transport and reduce the use of additives. Light mineral oils can be tested in-line, directly and continuously.

Silicone oils and solvents in technical and industrial use are also among the standard applications of our conductivity meters.

We are your contact for various application areas – such as tank farms or airports.

Application examples:

  • Aviation Fuel
  • Kerosene Jet A-1
  • Hydraulic oils
  • Silicone oils
  • Solvents
  • Rolling oils

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Mobile Conductivity Meter for Aviation Fuel

The MLA900 is suitable for mobile measurements of the conductivity of aviation fuels. The device checks whether the safety-relevant conductivity value has been achieved by sufficient addition of additives. It is approved for use in …

Continuous Conductivity Measurement System for Aviation Fuel

Benefits The digital measurement system allows a complete 24/7 record of the electrical conductivity of incoming and outgoing Aviation Fuel. Measuring method according to ASTM D2624 With continuous feedback of the electrical conductivity, the additive …


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