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Tamper Evident Security Seals Supplier for Aviation Industry

Established in 1998, Mega Fortris is a leading manufacturer and specialist designer of security seals, tamper-evident products and integrated security solutions. We design, innovate, manufacture and supply high quality, tamper evident security seals and solutions to customers internationally – including industry leaders in aviation, transportation, pharmaceuticals, jewellery, oil and gas, banking and cash-in-transit, postal services, defence, utilities, casinos and entertainment, and many more.

Our commitment to innovation has provided many industries solutions for many of their transport issues. Some of these solutions were provided by some of our further developed products such as the 2K Klicker, Mega Cable Lock, and the Fast Seal. We strive to ensure we are able to provide the needs of all different types of industries which is why we have a range of High Security Seals, RFID Seals, Electronic Seal (IntelleSeal) and our newest edition which initially provides a complete solution for our customers is the Mega APP. Mega Fortris is ISO 17712 and C-TPAT compliant and provide a RFID asset.

We also have a specially designed rage of seals for the aviation Industry with products such as Tamper Evident Security Tapes and Labels. With seals suitable for applications within airport and airlines i.e. Cabin Doors, Emergency Kits, Fire Exits and many more. Mega Padlock which has been specially designed for use on catering carts to allow security and innovative designs saves space!

Here at Mega Fortris we take pride in our high quality products. We ensure that every seal which goes out of our manufacturing plant is of the highest quality and high standards. We use the best quality raw materials to build our products, to ensure the products we supply are of best quality. All our products go through a rigorous quality check to make sure they are of the highest standard possible. Just like our products Mega Fortris believe that a sale does not end when the customer buy’s the product. We believe in providing the best customer services even after sale is essential.

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Company Profile

  • Airport Security Bags - ICAO Approved

    Mega Fortris Security Seals are an approved manufacturer by the International Civil Aviation Authority (ICAO) – for Airport Security Bags. Airport Security bags are also known as Security Tamper Evident Bags (STEB’s) and comply to current EC Regulations.

    Mega Fortris understands the issues many organisations face with securing cargo. Therefore we spend a lot of time and effort in improving the design and quality of our products. This allows us to provide the highest quality products to meet the needs of the customer. Through innovation and design we manufacture our products with tamper evidence technology that shows clear signs of unauthorised access.

    Mega Fortris is an approved manufacturer for the ICAO and has developed a range of products suitable for the airports and airlines industries. One of these products, the Security Tamper Evident Bag (STEBs) is designed for securing duty free products purchased from duty free shops in the airports. Some of our other products that we provide for the Aviation Industry include, tamper evident security labels for aircraft doors, tamper evident security tape for securing high value goods in boxes, pull-tight seals for catering carts and many more.

    Airport Security Bags are available in a variety of sizes and material thicknesses to suit all Airport Security requirements. Each Security Bag contains a seal that displays a hidden message, which becomes visible and will remain visible when it is attacked by unauthorised personnel.

    The Airport Security Bags are resistant to Solvent, Cutting, Heat and Freeze attacks, and all will trigger the Tamper Evident technology our security bags are made with.

    ICAO regulations require the duty-free security bags to be printed on the bag with the airport state code, corresponding serial numbers, manufacturer code and product code.

    Mega Fortris Airport Security Bag features an Internal Transparent Pocket to display receipt as proof of purchase at airport duty-free shops, or on board aircraft.

  • Mega Padlock

    The Mega Airline Padlock is specially designed for the aviation, food catering and the communication industry. We know that within the food catering industry it is very critical that once the food has been packed and sealed that on-one can tamper with the food and so we have designed this product to meet your requirements. The Mega Padlock can be placed on food trolleys like the ones used on airplanes due to its slim and slick design, as we know on the airplanes you are always pushed for space.

    The Plastic seal is very slim, which makes it suitable for applications like Cash Box, Airline Food, Sales Trolley, Carts and many more on the airplane. When the seal is applied to any of these above applications it sits flat when locked, this makes it perfect for items that are stowed away or might be handled roughly. The Mega Padlock has a sizeable space for laser-etched customisation. This allows the firm to mark serial numbers on the padlocks allowing them to keep a track of each application. This space could also be used to mark the company logo onto, along with your serial number.

    There are a number of features the Mega Padlock offers:

    The Mega Padlock seal is etched with permanent laser marking for customised names, logos, barcodes, and sequential numbers for security and easy identification.

    Laser marking offers the highest level of security as it cannot be removed or replaced without showing clear signs of tampering.

    With a slim body, the mega padlock fits many applications and lies flat for efficient storage. Yet it remains strong because of the Acetal locking insert.

    It is easy to apply and remove; also it is designed specifically so that the user can close the lock with one hand and be removed without the use of tools.

  • Tamper Evident Security Labels & Tapes

    Mega Fortris Security Seals also manufacture Tamper Evident Security Labels are made of high quality adhesives, which are suitable for the airlines industry and all other application surfaces.

    Tamper evident security labels are a popular security seal option for use on the aircraft doors of grounded planes. Security Labels can also be used on catering carts and trolleys, duty-free parcels, boxes and luggage.

    Mega Fortris Tamper Evident Security labels are easy to apply and remove, highly tamper evident and show clear permanent signs of tampering once an unauthorised individual attacks the label or tape, by a hidden “Void / Open” message.

    In addition to the hidden “Void / Open” message, all Tamper Evident Labels have an optional security cut feature on the face of the label, which divides the label into smaller parts when it is removed. The design of the security cuts makes it impossible to put back the label in place again without evidence.

    While Tamper Evident Labels are generally used as a highly visible form of tamper indication, some labels are used as covert seals using UV coating or printing ink as a means of detection and authenticity. Security Labels and Tape are subject to minimum order quantity.

  • Cable Seals, Bolt Seals and RFID Security Seals

    Mega Fortris Bolt Seals are high security ISO17712 certified and CTPAT compliant security seals. Bolt seals are designed to protect high value cargo. The pin and bush are moulded with high-impact

    ABS to provide high tamper evidence. The Mega Fortris bolt seal has been certified to ISO17712 Clauses 5 and 6, making our bolt seal the world’s first customs approved container bolt seal with tamper evident technology.

    Cable Seals can be used on high-value goods such as duty free trolleys in air cargo containers. Mega Fortris Cable Seals are manufactured to high quality standards and designed to be fully tamper-proof. All Mega Fortris Cable Seals have been tested and certified to ISO 17712 Clauses 5 & 6.

    Cable seals are available in size widths of 1.5mm, 1.8mm, 3.5mm and 5.0mm widths and available in several colours. With Mega Fortris Cable Seals customisation options are available for cable lengths, logo printing, serial numbers and barcodes.

    RFID Security Seals from Mega Fortris are the revolutionary new way of Sealing. They are Reusable, Recyclable and provide a full Audit Trail. The IntelleSeal I is an electronic, reusable RFID seal. Each IntelleSeal is fitted with an RFID tag with a unique number.


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