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With safety procedures under constant review and heightened security checks across the globe, the need for resilient surveillance solutions has never been greater. It’s paramount for airports to have reliable and effective systems that ensure staff and passengers are kept safe. As the leading British developer of video management software (VMS), Meyertech designs solutions that meet the tough security demands of an airport environment, helping to deter criminal activity and reduce response times in critical situations.

Company Profile

  • FUSION Video Management Software

    With its FUSION Video Management Software (VMS), Meyertech offers an intuitive surveillance solution that enables operators to make clear, concise camera selections, bringing a high level of efficiency and reliability to any control room. FUSION integrates the industry’s leading technologies, such as access control, intruder alarms, fire alarms and video analytics, which are future-proofed through ONVIF interoperability standards.

    Meyertech’s FUSION platform provides a number of key features to safeguard your terminal:

    • Intelligent Maps – Easily navigate between cameras around your terminal.
    • Facial Recognition – Automatically identify people of interest during live recordings.
    • System Failover – Prevent service disruption with backup failover servers.
    • User Permissions – Control user access rights to effectively manage sites with multiple users.
    • Video Wall – Proactively monitor multiple cameras the same time.
    • System Scalability – Expand your system with flexible licensing without having to upgrade versions.
    • Incident Reporting – Quickly access and compile digital reports of critical situations.

    For more information on our products and services, visit us here.

  • ONVIF Compliance

    Meyertech are proud supporters of the ONVIF compliance standard. The benefits of a global standardisation cannot be emphasised enough for both end clients/consultants and installers alike.

    Increased flexibility and greater freedom of choice. The standard enables end users to select interoperable products from a variety of different Meyertech products that comply with the ONVIF standard.

    Future-proof systems and more secure investments. The standard will ensure that interoperable products are available from a large variety of vendors, no matter how the market develops.

    Reduced total cost of ownership. Interoperable Meyertech products result in less integration costs, enabling end-users to choose the most suitable combination of IP-based physical security products for their specific needs, regardless of vendor.

  • FUSION-Expert

    FUSION-Expert is the next generation of CCTV management information software. Building upon the success of its predecessor, Expert delivers all of the previous functionality and capabilities plus so much more. It helps you to create, view and edit incident-logs quickly and efficiently, and with the assistance of powerful built-in search, filter and KPI tools it effortlessly produces information rich reports with just a few mouse clicks.

    Available as a standalone or fully integrated Fusion product, flexible licensing allows customers to select which features they want to create a bespoke package.

    New functionality includes: Whiteboard, Workflow, Remote Request to View & Seize (RTVS), Universal Login & Last Incident Log Saving and Recording.


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