Aircraft Positioning Units/Tugs for Airport Operations, MRO, FBO & Aircraft Production

2003: Kersten Eckert, Pilot, owner of the first Cirrus in Europe and founder of Mototok International GmbH, was annoyed every time he wants to fetch his machine from the very back position of the hangar.

With a conventionally diesel tow tractor it was an awkward task. He thought by himself – that must be done very much easier! And started with the unique idea of a towbarless electric driven and wireless controlled tug: The first Mototok was born.

Over the years Mototok International grew up tremendeous and expanded its range of products. Nowadays you can find Mototoks towing aircraft up to 195 tons all around the world on airports, production plants and even military aircraft carrier.

Due to its compact design a Mototok can be used for all kind of tasks in a hangar, on the apron or anywhere you want!

Company Profile

  • Mototok - The new Standard of maneuverability

    With Mototok Aircraft Positioning Units, logistical tasks at Airport Operations, MRO, FBO and Aircraft Production Line Facilities can now be solved in more effective, safe and economical manner.

    Mototok’s vary in size and power and can operate with just about every aircraft in the industry. With a max towing capacity of 80 tons, Mototok’s ability to generate more space safely and precisely with the added advantages of complete hands free connection to the nose gear, hydro-pneumatic suspension system and 100% visibility anywhere around the aircraft that have put them in a class of their own.

    Only Mototok can maneuver an aircraft’s nose, tail section or wing just a few millimeters away from a hangar wall or the next aircraft body part.

    By simply applying the creeper snail mode speed feature on the remote control, the operator can slowly inch the aircraft safely and effectively to its final resting place in the production line, maintenance stand, hangar corner or parking area.

  • Aircraft Positioning Units & Tugs for Airport Operations

    Mototok has primarily self-developed this innovative wireless transmission control dual-motor-principal technology which applies proven digital control engineering.

    Due to a decentralized alignment of the Mototok’s standardized CAN bus components, the need of cable complexities is no longer an issue.

    Because of this unique ability, we have convinced some of the world’s foremost aerospace companies including AIRBUS, The BOEING Company, BOMBARDIER, CASSIDIAN, EMBRAER, PILATUS, BRITISH AIRWAYS, IBERIA AIRWAYS, JET AVIATION and DUNCAN AVIATION who operate Mototok Aircraft Positioning Units in their daily operations and know firsthand the major advantages they have to offer.

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  • Tugs for Airport Operations, MRO, FBO & Aircraft Production

    Product Range

    Mototok offers a full range of towbarless and electric driven aircraft tugs for almost all tasks and aircraft:

    • Mototok SPACER – for all aircraft up to 80 tons / 176,370 lbs
    • Mototok TWIN for all aircraft and wheeled helicopter up to 50 tons / 110,200 lbs
    • Mototok M-SERIES – for all aircraft and wheeled helicopter up to 28 tons / 61,700 lbs
    • Mototok HELIMO – for all skidded helicopter up to 5 tons / 11,000 lbs

    Furthermore Mototok develops electric driven tow tugs for any customized requirements, i.e. for Aircraft Production Line Facilities.

  • Tugs for Airport Operations, MRO, FBO & Aircraft Production


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