Moveco Systems S.r.l.

ULD Cargo Handling and Storage Systems

Moveco Systems provides technological solutions for air cargo pallets and ULD  containers handling.

Our range of product are applied at airports, forwarders and logistic service providers. Our rollertrack systems can be installed on semitrailers, trailers and trucks, in curtainsider and refrigerated versions. Pneumatic rise and fall roller ways technology comes in several versions for this specific industry. During transport, the rollers are in the rest position and disappear under flatbed, allowing the ULD’s to rest stably on the floor. These systems come in manual and powered versions. Powered rollers allows even the heaviest ULDs to be moved automatically. The combination with modules for warehouses and lifting tables, with balls and/or rollers deck, allows full integration of all the management phases of ULD’s, offering the possibility to upgrade any warehouse floor into an air cargo handling terminal.

Complete set-up for ULD pallet handling on any type of trailer

  • New set-up with ROLLERTRACK integration in the frame of the vehicle. Your trailer will be born already prepared for the handling of ULD pallets and can be integrated with powered rollers.
  • Smart rollertrack set-up. A solution to transform your vehicle with (re)movable rollertrack platforms in a very short time, losing only 5 cm of the height of the truck.
  • Powered rollers. The definitive upgrade for vehicle already equipped with rollertrack. A solution that allows you to move automatically even the heaviest load and make loading/unloading operations quick and easy.

Our solutions are custom designed based on the customer’s need. The type of equipment your vehicle will receive will depend on the size of the ULD pallet and the information you provide to us. In this way your ULD Cargo trailer will be able to offer you maximum performance.

Storage Systems

Solutions for integrated logistics and rapid management of loading / unloading operations through customized projects of manual or automatic systems. Our range of products include ULD truck docks, scissor lifting tables for ULD preparation, roller or ball modules for transfer and storage ULD. Everything safe and customized as needed.

Company Profile

  • Moveco Systems is an Italian manufacturing company, was born with the aim of applying automated solutions to the transport and logistic sector, then specializing in the field of Automatic Loading / Unloading Systems (ATL/ATUL) for trucks and semi-trailers, ULD Cargo Handling and Storage Systems.

    30 years of experience!

  • Mission:
    Making the transport and handling of goods faster and safer through reliable and high-quality handling systems.

    Our values:
    Strong plants are more efficient and require less maintenance

    Designed to reduce and prevent risks to operators and damage to the handled products

    Working with tidy allows you to drastically reduce working times and keep logistics more efficient.

    We conduct our business with ethics and integrity. Maximum attention to the customer. All our systems are CE Standards compliant

    We offer customized solutions for every need


Rollertrack ( ULD Cargo Handling System)

ROLLERTRACK system is the complete set-up of your vehicle makes Air Cargo pallets and containers handling operations quick and easy. Can be installed on semitrailers, trailers and trucks, in curtainsider and refrigerated versions. The system includes …

ReMovable Rollertrack (Re-Movable ULD Cargo Handling System)

A smart evolution for existing vehicles! ReMovable Rollertrack set-up is the best solution to transform your existing vehicle in a perfect ULD cargo handling transport. Ideal for Air cargo and ULD containers, can be installed on top …

Powered Roller ( Handling Automation)

The definitive upgrade for your vehicle! Powered Rollers for Air cargo and ULD containers transport are the system used for the automatic movement of pallets, inside warehouses and on trailers. A solution that allows you to move …

Storage System

Improving your logistics warehouse with storage automation systems allows you to bring the business of Air pallet handling to the highest level. In addition to being used as handling systems, these solutions suitable for all types …

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